Monday, May 28, 2007

Still loving it!

Took BRP out for a 20 minute "shakedown" and it still feels great.

Getting to know the car again is good fun - instant throttle response, power from 2500 RPM up and lots of it from 4000RPM up.

Again handling is good and the car feels taut.

I even let Rumpith take a drive and he is used to a Porsche Boxster. He enjoyed it too and it has given him a good reference to aim for in his own TR7 Sprint.

Back at base tho we had a slight concern about a burning smell - thankfully it's a binding rear brake drum so I should be able to adjust that no problem.

It makes the performance more impressive tho - going like that whilst being held back!


Garry said...

Good to hear you've finally got it the way you want it - that's been a lot of work!

Sounds like it's all been worth it in the end though. Good luck with LCC!

Raider said...

Cheers Garry - I look forward to seeing both our TRs together again, even if you will outgun me with a V8