Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taking stock of the fleet

I have been on holiday for the last week and read a very entertaining book by Alan Clarke (the ex Tory cabinet minister now sadly no longer with us). He had some great things to say and was cerdtainly a driver rather than a polisher! He also had quite a large fleet of cars and described their puposes in his life.

So, I thought I would give a quick review of my much smaller fleet.

BRP - TR716V tarmac rally car. Aimed to be a historic rally car in the style of the early works cars but with the budget of a "clubman". Currently without a cylinder head after some rather unfortunate problems!

Never fear, Dale Barker of Moordale Motors has refurbished a cylinder head for me and this is now with another great friend of mine, Paul Darbyshire who arranged it's collection to save me the carriage costs. Fine fellows both of them.

The plan now is to refit the cylinder head and get the car running again.

Then, at last I will fit the fabled "group 4 brakes" and obtain the MSA Historic rally Car papers for it.

Estimated time for all this to be done? End of year - early Feb 2011 as work will be stopped now whilst other more pressing tasks are dealt with.

But, first - fitting the Group 4 brakes will allow the current uprated front brakes to be donated to ------

UNJ - TR7 convertible. I have driven this car for a week (!) before my health issues stopped play. With the amazing weather of this last week I really wish I could have been driving the car topless - one day, one day. But, in the meantime it's without it's front suspension waiting for me to finish BRP, fit uprated struts and the donated discs & calipers from BRP.

ETA to be driving this car? May 2011 (sob,sob).

PMW - 2000 Mk2 saloon. This is a car with a mission - to take 3 of us to Lake Garda in August to celbrate my 50th birthday. Currently needing bodywork repairs, painting, a full service and 2 front seats - oh, and it doesn't have an MOT.

Guess this must be the priority then!