Saturday, April 30, 2005

Loose nuts!

Just an hour on the car today but well worthwhile.

After doing all the suspension work and covering 250 miles I thought it was sensible to check all the fixings on the rear suspension. Found 2 nuts and bolts on the rear lower arms that needed a bit of tightening but the nut on the bottom of the offside shock absorber was very loose - I am glad I checked it all.

Then I modified an exhaust bracket to raise the exhaust by 1/2 an inch and adjusted one of the clamps to ensure the nuts on it were facing upwards rather than downwards so giving that extra bit of ground clearance - it all helps.

Next will be adjusting the tyre pressures and testing that out to see what effect it has on the tyre squealing, complete the service and fit up the new brake discs and calipers when my mate Kevin drops them off.

Hopefully all in time for an autotest in 2 weeks time.

Friday, April 29, 2005


Went to the new West lancs area last night and so, combined with last weekend I have now done a fair few miles in the car since the suspension work.

It is certainly much firmer on the road and corners better since the new uprated springs etc have been fitted. In fact, it feels like it's on rails and I can almost "flick" it from corner to corner. Much better but along with this it is now very easy to provoke tyre squeal whilst cornering.

Pondering on this I consulted a mate of mine, an ex tecnical manager for a tyre manufacturer who worked on rally support. His comments were that now the suspension, as such, would be in the tyres and with 70 series tyres there would be alot of sidewall flexing and the tread would be being pushed sideways much more easily under cornering - the squealing would be where the tyre was on the limit of adhesion. Gulp!

Recommended solution - go up to say 15" wheels and to lower profile tyres - say 195/50R15. More rubber on the road, bigger contact patch and stiffer sidewalls - less "suspension" in the tyres and the tread more secure on the tarmac under cornering.

Probelm is - under rallying regs I can't go less than 70 series anyway so there's not much advantage to be had by going up to 14" (even where this is allowed) and 15" are certainly not allowed under the regs.

So I am now left with some small adjustments to tyre pressures and learning the limits of the car and I can go up to 185/70R13s as these were fitted to 5 speed cars (mine was a 4 speed, hence the 175/70s).

Monday, April 25, 2005

20 Counties Challenge

I took part in Club Triumph's 20 Counties Challenge over Saturday night/Sunday morning. I navigated for Tim Bancroft and we had to visit 20 counties and provide proof in 12 hours.

Despite the fact that Tim organised it and I am the club's competiton secretary we came well down the order!

Maybe I'll write more detail in due course but I am still suffering the effects!

Mind you, I drove to the start and back in Coventry in my TR7 and it was superb, never missed a beat and returned 35MPG.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


This is what it looks like on the car! I think it's fabulous
I will need to take a photo in daylight to show it all it's glory but it really looks like a works car now.
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Rough and ready

Take one spare rough bonnet in blue, add some aerosol paintwork (which will need redoing on the white), polish off the surface rust on the blue (hopefully), free off the seized hinge and then throw it on the car. Voila, nearly a works colour scheme

Of course it will be done properly in time but why not go with this? Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The joy of 7

Only had chance to take the TR for a 15 mile drive this morning but it's great to be out in it again.

I used local roads and there was no repetition of the car wallowing about and grounding out - much firmer and stable so i am well pleased.

Then I took a wrong turning and ended up on a fairly rough farm track. I felt it would be wrong not to give the car a bit of excercise tho and found that the sumpguard works!

The car also stayed nice and level under some fairly hard braking too so the anti-dive kit seems to be doing it's job. Next thing is to get those brakes sorted out and then start using it in anger

Friday, April 01, 2005

On the road again!

Taxed the TR and at last I am able to drive it on the road again.

My goodness it certainly feels firm after all the suspension work and the engine is still as crisp as when I finished the RBRR.

Now I need to sort out the brakes and then look forward to using the car in all sorts of events through the summer, culminating in the 10 Countries Run - can't wait!