Saturday, April 22, 2006


K37.8.7 - that's the regulation in the MSA yearbook that says" Be equipped with high intensity horns that can be operated by either the driver or co-driver. Air-horns are strongly recommended".

Well, after this afternoon's work that's exactly how BRP is equipped.

I now have a pair of Fiamm air horns fitted operated by a flick switch on the new switch panel I have constructed. My goodness they are loud!

It has been very satisfying tho - going through the car's wiring diagram, installing the wiring, locating the airhorns (in place of the standard horns) and even tidying up the wiring with "Spirap" and locating it securely with wiring clips.

This all means I am still on target for the Manx rally in 2010

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One hour - one step closer

An hour's work on the car squeezed in tonight means that I now have the wiring in place for the horns operable by a co-driver. Next is to tidy it all up in the car and then move on to fitting the airhorns in place of the standard ones (another rally requirement).

In the meantime, here is another photo of the car, this time with myself visible - possibly for the first time on the blog!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Very satisfying

2 hours working on the TR7 and I now have 4 switches working.

I am glad I am not paying labour charges!

Wiring up a relay tho and then a switch for the headlights is satisfying when it all works at the end. At least I shouldn't have a recurrence of the burnt out switch and hence no headlights as happened in Italy on the 10CR.

The thing is tho that I bought LED toggle switches and it's really great to see them light up as they are switched on - childish I know but they sure look cool. Just 2 more to sort out now, one for the cibies and then the air horns.

It looks like the switch panel I made will look just great too - OK, it's not to the highest standard of workmanship but once it's all back together and with some "dymo" labels to identify the switches it will really start to lok like a rally car interior.

Anyone still got a dymo tape label machine?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A little bit more

An hours work this evening sees the switch panel fitting better and all the switches located.

Then it's out again to be painted - it should look the business when it's all back together

Monday, April 10, 2006


Great word is fettle - and that's what I am now able to do as BRP is back under my carport.

So, first off there's the question of fitting the strut brace I had for Xmas. The works 16valve cars had them but they were functional bits of kit made up in the workshop whereas mine is a work of art made in Australia by Whitleine Automotive. It was a pleasure to fit, everything is well made and goes straight on - plus it looks great.

Then I moved on to look at the wiring jobs I need to do. One need will be more power feeds for various bits of equipment in the future but the fuse box is tucked at the back of the glove box and it isn't easy to take any extra wiring off it. Still, my mate Dave is visiting us (along with his wife) for a relaxing weekend but as he is a dab hand with a soldering iron he is going to help me out. So, this evening, in preparation I have removed the fusebox from it's hideyhole and it is now dangling in the footwell, ready for Dave.

You may remember the slight problem with the headlamp switch in Italy. Well I need to put that right and add in some relays, switches etc for more bits and pieces of rally equipment so I am fabricating a new switch panel and fitting some rather flass LED toggle switches. This evening finished off with me accessing the wiring and measuring up where the new panel should go etc - you can see a mock up in the picture.

Things were going so well I thought about pushing on but I know this is a dangerous moment - beast to quit while you are ahead and come back to the job again, so that's what I have done.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Home at last

Finally picked up BRP and brought it home last Sunday through pouring rain.

It made it's first appearance at the April Club Triumph "Pendle and pennine" meeting last night and then I enjoyed a few miles driving around the local lanes.

Now it's a case of starting on the list of jobs left over from the 10CR and an entry in an Autotest on May 7th