Thursday, April 13, 2006

Very satisfying

2 hours working on the TR7 and I now have 4 switches working.

I am glad I am not paying labour charges!

Wiring up a relay tho and then a switch for the headlights is satisfying when it all works at the end. At least I shouldn't have a recurrence of the burnt out switch and hence no headlights as happened in Italy on the 10CR.

The thing is tho that I bought LED toggle switches and it's really great to see them light up as they are switched on - childish I know but they sure look cool. Just 2 more to sort out now, one for the cibies and then the air horns.

It looks like the switch panel I made will look just great too - OK, it's not to the highest standard of workmanship but once it's all back together and with some "dymo" labels to identify the switches it will really start to lok like a rally car interior.

Anyone still got a dymo tape label machine?

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