Saturday, August 27, 2005

The 10CR is getting closer!

Just fiddling about with the car now.

I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to put some fresh brake fluid through the system and especially the front calipers now they have been on a while.

So, off with the wheels, connect up the Easybleed and put 1/2 litre of fresh brake fluid through them.

Whilst at it I noticed the off side wheel bearing had a bit of play in it so I tightened that up too.

Then a quick test drive and there is now a firmer brake padal so there was probably some air in the front calipers.

After that I put the tent in the boot, along with a sleeping bag and the camping gear - not much room left :o

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Good to go!

Replaced the window regulator this afternoon - it's not too bad a job now I have done it 3 times!

Now the TR7 is ready for the 10CR - I even started sorting out the boot with the spares and tools I am taking and the event is nearly three weeks away.

I hope I am not tempting fate.

The future is power!

This is an inlet manifold to fit the Sprint engine I bought and, like that, it's from ebay. It is to mount two Weber or Dellorto sidedraught carbs and cost me £170 - £100 less than if I bought one from Triumphtune/Moss so i am very pleased. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Light relief

Spent 40 minutes this evening actually setting the Cibies up.

Now both are at the right height and on my favourite test route light up the lanes very very well - a real pool of light in front of the car quite some way into the distance.

That should help even more on the night driving on the 10CR (only three weeks away!).

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tidying up

Replaced the "dimmer switch" with a flick switch so that I can knock off the Cibies and just run the main beam on the headlights if I wish.

I have a set of air horns on order too but they should be easy to sort out (famous last words).

Trouble is the battery was too low to start the car after I had been fiddling so that's now on charge.

Other than that a general clean up and tidy up in the car and boot means the car is near enough ready for the 10CR 4 weeks ahead of time!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Control panel

Three hours work today using a spare centre panel. There is another power outlet, one for the CD player and the second for something you can see two pictures down. I also took the opportunity to fit (but not wire up) the FIA electrical cut out switch which is needed for rallying - one more step along the way! Posted by Picasa

Nearside view and wiring

This is how it looks from the passenger side - you can see wiring from one of the sockets taped to the side of the console leading to -- Posted by Picasa


"Replacement" centre armrest. This is where the wiring leads to - a cool box replacing the centre armrest. This will have bacon, milk and cold drinks in it on the 10CR Posted by Picasa