Friday, August 21, 2009

Hold on tight

This was the track I was going to use for my in-car Manx video.

Oh well, might as well use it now and also hold onto the sentiment

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your nuts mi'Lord

I have finally got hold of some wheel nuts for the Compomotive wheels I bought from that other TR7 16V rally man, Martin Knapp.

The thing is, they needed to have a flat end and fit a 12mm x 1.5 mm stud whilst also being open ended. Martin has used standard nuts with the ends taken off on a lathe and then threaded with a tap but he's more resourceful than me!

Anyway, Steve at really did the business for me - sourced a rare nut (typical of me I suppose) and supplied them within 48 hours - excellent serviceClapping HandsThe two types of mut can be seen in the top picture whilst the bottom one shows the wheel on the car - plenty of stud thread showing through there.

Incidentally, the tyres are 20mm narrower than the usual tyres and also are of a snow type pattern (a remould ripping off a Michelin pattern). The theory is that with suitable lower pressures on loose tests they'll help get the car's tail out (hopefully with me controlling it!) whilst giving some real traction when needed - we'll see!

Oh, and for those like Harvey, who are wondering what the DVD turned out like.

Well, it's better now I have watched it a few times!

In fact, I have used some of it in an edited short video which I am rather pleased with. I am letting Sarah take a look first but, if she's OK with it, I'll be publishing it on here

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A bit of a tease!

It's my birthday on Saturday and this is what I have as a present.
It's a DVD of us on the Roskirk Stages - as it's going to be the only time I drive on a stage rally now an indulgence on a professional DVD of the day seemed fair enough.

MAD Video reckon there should be plenty of us on it as they had 3 cameras there on the day so the DVD is now on my mantlepiece waiting for me to view it on Saturday!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

What have I been up to?

Last weekend - Woodvale Show with Club Triumph friends.

First day a bit quiet, then a good overnight camping on site with Paul Darbyshire (thanks for the lift too!), Steve Thompson, Andy & Julie Heeley complete with BBQ, fire basket and a few drinks.

The second day was busier with some great model planes flying too - an amazing Vulcan and 3 Lancasters carrying out a Dam Buster raid.

Then last night, the Pendle & Pennine meeting whenn the usual suspects were messing about with potatoes! See picture
Today - a bit of cleaning up of the DHC and painting the mountings of the sun visors. A small touch but makes a big difference as, after all, this will be a road car.

You can try and guess which the bits are from the photo!