Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A bit of a tease!

It's my birthday on Saturday and this is what I have as a present.
It's a DVD of us on the Roskirk Stages - as it's going to be the only time I drive on a stage rally now an indulgence on a professional DVD of the day seemed fair enough.

MAD Video reckon there should be plenty of us on it as they had 3 cameras there on the day so the DVD is now on my mantlepiece waiting for me to view it on Saturday!


Mik said...

Not only that but you're on the front cover too! (or do they do that for everybody?)

Why do I get the feeling there may be another video night at the P&P before long :)

Raider said...

They do that for everyone Mik!

When I spoke to them they asked me if I had had a video from them before - I said yes but the last time was Manby in 1990!!

Now, a video night? Well, the nights are drawing in

Beans said...

Happy birthday !!

Raider said...

Cheers Theo