Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the Group4 brakes front

I am now back on track - the group 4 calipers were returned to me "un-machined" with the thought that maybe I wouldn't want to carry on after the epilepsy incident.

They would be worth more for re-sale blank so that the Mk2 Escort boys could use them whereas machining for a TR7 would limit their market.

Well, I am going rallying again at some point co-driving on stage rallies and in my car so I am determined to have BRP as a properly authenticated historic rally car by the MSA.

Shortly the calipers will be back with the machinist after respective holidays have happened and I'll then fit them to BRP. One that's done I'll go through the process of getting the car a Historic Vehicle Identity Form from the MSA.

Over winter I think I'll be shimming the cylinder head (with Rumpith's help as he volunteered before!), getting the number one plug hole helicoiled, replacing the timing chain and tensioner.

That should mean a refreshed car ready for some NESCRO events next year (no comp licences needed) with either myself or Sarah in the driver's seat

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Size matters for a stud

Yes it does! Rally scrutineers like to see plenty of thread so the solution is to replace the standard wheel studs with much longer ones and the wheel nuts with new "open ended" ones.

All of this is apparent in the photos including the differences in stud length (ooh-err)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I feel like an adventure!

Yes, I can feel the need for a foreign trip coming on.

Nothing organised - just a silly trip in a Triumph (or 2) to somewhere.

Like maybe Gibraltar or a bit further like TangiersThinking

But then again there are a few places I have been now with a Triumph that would be good to visit again - like the Stelvio, or Furka, but obviously I need to drive through Vitry le Francois and Bar sur Aube.

I have always wanted to visit Rome too.

Or what about Route 66?

A few things to ponder over - May/June 2010 should be a decent time to aim for. What better way to celebrate getting my driving licence back than taling a TR7 on a daft driving adventure?

Watch out playmates - I'll be on the phone. You know who you areHi-ya!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's worse than I thought

It's worse than I thought

Here is what the Blue Book says

Epilepsy is incompatible with fitness to Race, Kart, Kart Endurance, Kart Tyro,
Rallycross or Stage Rally. If a person with epilepsy has not had a fit or
medication to prevent or control fits for a period of ten years they may present
that case to the MSA’s Medical Consultant for consideration. For other events a
person with epilepsy may be considered for a competition licence providing
they can show that they have not had a fit for five years whether on or off

A translation after having spoken to the MSA is that I cannot have a stage rally licence and hence can't drive on a stage rally unless I have had not seizures for 10 years without medication.

As I said to them - so that means never really

I can get a competition licence for other events after being seizure free for 5 years even on medication.

So, where from here?

Well there's no way I am selling BRP so it looks like back to stage rallying with me co-driving and reading the pace notes for Sarah in BRP. Manx rally 2015 then

Monday, June 01, 2009

Suggestions welcome

I have seen the consultant today and he has confirmed I have epilepsy so that confirms I won't be able to drive on stage rallies for a minimum of 10 years - bugger!

I am checking to see if I can co-drive but I am not too hopeful ablout that either!

It's been a great experience for me having set myself a challenge over the last few years to compete on the Manx rally so now I need another challenge.

Suggestions are welcome but they must include Triumphs and TR7s so - any ideas?