Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good news but there's always something

BRP passed it's test :-)

As the tester said - it failed for "something and nothing" so it wasn't too much of a trial thankfully.

The tester did comment that the car was nearly as old as him!

Then when I took the car for a quick drive on the way home two young boys waved and smiled. As I had the window wound down I heard one of them shout "nice car Mister!". There you go - different generations but we all like TR7s.

Now, onto the leaking top hose/radiator saga.

Following a tip from my brother, (thanks Harvey) I pulled the hose back away from the radiator as far as was sensible and then re-connected it. The theory being that this might give me the chance to see if it was the radiator that was leaking at the soldered joint.

And it did! You can just see here the leak at the base of the joint with the inlet and the radiator side panel. I could actually see it bubbling.

So, the radiator is now off the car and will be going back for repair on Monday.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bearing up

Sorry for the pun but at least this gets me back to the top of the Club Triumph blog table!"

So this evening I have replaced the wheel bearing and the flasher unit so I think the car is ready for it's re-MOT on Saturday - wish me luck.

Mind you that top hose/radiator joint is still leaking. I still have the old hose so I will refit that with a new hose clip and see what happens. I can't see that solving the problem but at least I will have eliminated it - then it can only be the soldered joint on the radiator.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still leaking

Not too clear here but I have tidied up the wiring for the electric fan thermostat/switch thingy.

I ahve also trimmed and refitted the top hose but there is still a leak by it where it joins the radiator.

Hmmm - seems to me like maybe it's the new radiator!

I have a second hand one I could use as a test but I'll think about that and chat with my supplier about a warranty etc.

Friday, June 15, 2007

MOT failure!

Yes, it failed.

But only on the offside indicators being too slow and the O/S/F wheel bearing being "noisy".

Not too bad really - cleaning up the earths should sort out the indicators (he says, hopefully) whilst a new wheel bearing shouldn't be too much of a problem.

In addition I have to fit the new electric fan thermostat thingy - I have bought one recommended by the famous Dave Sideways so let's hope it lives up to it's billing.

It should certainly stop the water loss by the side of the other one in the top hose.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

La Carrera Caledonia - brief report

It was great!

Too tired at the mo to go into more detail but I have discovered Youtube so here's evidence of how good it was