Sunday, November 29, 2009

In my garage

Got sorted - brought down an 80s "midi" hi-fi system form the loft and installed it in the garage. With the correct lead I can plug in my MP3 player so that I can have good music through a decent system whilst working on Triumph bits & pieces - good stuff!!

I then found out it has a karaoke option where it's possible to plug in a microphone and sing alongRolling Eyes

Here's the view Meanwhile, down the other end of the garage there's this view of (junk x) spares I have accumulatedThat's 2 Sprint engines, a Sprint overdrive gearbox, 2 "Pony" 4x4 gearboxes and a 1500 FWD short engine (not all visdible).

I sometimes wonder why I can't get a car in my garageRolling Eyes

Friday, November 27, 2009

Moving on to timing

After some discussion with a CT Sprint guru (you know who you are CS) I have bought a new timing chain kit and a crankshaft sprocket.

This will all go together with a vernier cam sprocket I have and then the cam will be timed in to the spec for a Triumph Tune "Sprint" cam along with all the valve clearances being shimmed up correctly.

The aim of all this is to improve reliability whilst upping performance. All very brave for a man of my limited talents.

Today has seen me remove the radiator, alternator and lots and lots of bolts on the front timing cover which is all well and good until I came up on the cranks shaft pulley nut and washer.

Of course, the engine rotates when you try to undo it so I waited for Bryce to pop over and we had a go at removing it with me locking the engine via a big screwdriver in the ring gear and him wielding a large bar and socket.

No dice so we stopped before we broke something!

Next up is Bryce bringing over an air wrench so that we can "shock" the nut loose.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sprint shimming

I have had a look at the valve clearances on my Sprint engine today.

Now, I have never done this kind of thing before as I am used to tappets on old fashioned normal engines rather than this Sprint clever stuff with buckets and shims.

Consequently, I am not even sure if I am doing this right but if I am (see picture) then the clearances are way too tight. The clearance should be .46mm but I am finding between 0 (!) and .3mm.

Hmmm - time to think on

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marathon Challenge

I am seriously considering entering one of the Classic Marathons now that the Manx is off the agenda for a few years.

It's not as "full on" as the Manx or stage rallying as such but it is still very much a challenge.

Over 6 or 7 days, only 6 tyres allowed and regs like this

"The competing crew, except for any breakdown assistance the Organisers may provide, must
undertake all servicing. Other than that provided by Rally Officials, ORGANISED SERVICE ASSISTANCE IS EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN. The facilities of roadside garages and service stations may be used providing their services have not been pre-arranged. Competitors are encouraged to help each other, but only using components carried in a competing car or purchased locally."

The entry fee is steep at around £3000 too (gulp) but that does cover all accomodation, food etc etc as well as the rally itself.

With this kind of money though I was concerned about vehicle eligibilty as BRP has been set up for stage rallying. The regs also call for a "standard" car with "normal" colour schemes.

So, I e-mailed the organisers as follows


I have a historic stage rally car - 1977 TR7 16V.

I am looking at entering a Classic Marathon (either 2010 or 2011) and have read the regs for the 2009 event.

I am unsure about my car's eligibility, however.

4.6 says that all cars must be in standard condition, unless individual approval for modifications has been given.

The TR7 was never rallied with the 2 litre 8 valve engine, only with the 16V engine which mine has, consistent with the homologation papers.

Would this be a problem?

Kind regards"

And their reply is

Apologies for the delayed response.
There would be no problem with this.
If you'd like to send me your address I'll make up an information pack for you.

Woohoo .
Woohoo!- I thinkThinking

I will be looking at 2011 and ideally a Marathon that goes to the Alps.

A tough event for the navigator tho and the car would need to be very reliable - not forgetting it's a real challenge for the driver too but I was inspired by the original 1988 Classic Marathon. This could be my new aim.yes

Saturday, November 14, 2009

2010 calendar of events

Been planning 2010 campaign so here it is!

April 11th Ilkley Jubilee Run in BRP - a tour and autotest type of event which I will need a driver for. The driver will hopefully be Sarah so that we can keep the team togetherHappy

June 13th Stobs Classic - a series of tests against the clock at Stobs army base near Hawick. If the car has survived Sarah's driving on the Ilkley (she'll give me a good kicking for that) then she may be driving again if she can make it, or then again I may well have to drive again cos I love it so much.

July 4th - Lake District Classic based at Penrith with a series of tests in the surrounding area.

September 4th Yorkshire Revival rally - same format as the lake District Classic but based near York.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Club Triumph weekend

Getting involved in Club Triumph can certainly lead to some variety - and taking up an entire weekend!

Friday night was Pendle & Pennine night 22 people attending - an outstanding attendance for a November eveningHi-ya!

A few fireworks and a very enjoyable sociable evening thanks to all.

Saturday - a trip to the Club Triumph trackday at Oulton Park thanks to Steve Thompson who kindly gave ne a lift there (and back!). I also got to be passenger on the track with Dale Barker in his Herald, Tim Bancroft in his 2.5pI and Dave Langrick in his 2 litre Spitfire (the latter driver also having a proper accent which is a bonus)Roll

Today, Sunday again with Steve as taxi driver I have been representing the club at the NESCRO AGM in Carlisle. An interesting insight into how rallies are organised but I did land the job of challenge co-ordinator again for another yearThinking