Sunday, July 20, 2014

Upgrading v originality

Always a dilemma but I fitted a MK2 PI dashboard today and it's just "plug and play".

Actually I only gain a rev counter but it looks more upmarket and I think I'll have to fit the clock in the centre of the dash but I have the panel for that too.

And of course I am keeping the original dashboard so I can always return the car to how it came out the factory.

All in all though, I am planning to use the 2000 on Clyub Triumph's 10 Countries run next year and I think this is a more pleasing dashboard to look at - plus keeping an eye on the revs won't do any harm.

PI dashboard fitted today and everything works

Original interior from 2003 looks alot better today with different seats, steering wheel and dashboard

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rover survey

Apologies to my Club Triumph friends who will now find pictures of a Rover SD1 on the Club Triumph site!

It's been a long time since I looked over my Rover and I have actually decided to sell it so I thought I'd give it a visit and see if ti was accessible where I have it in storage.

Actually you know, it's not bad at all really. Very sound from what I can see and there's a real danger it could be bought just to have it's fuel injected V8 ripped out and then the rest scrapped or bought for use in banger racing.

The heartstrings were well and truly pulled so I can't let that happen. Unless I am convinced it's going to a good home it will be staying with me and one day it will be put back on the road.

Here's the pictures - as can be seen, pretty solid which is what really matters.
The scuttle panel below the windscreen is in good nick

Strut tops are good too

Dirty but no rot

Wheel arch looks good

Apart from a bit of rot on the tail gate good here too

Off side wheel arch looking good too

OK here as well

Again, looks solid enough under the engine bay - lovely V8 in there of course :-)

Scuffed bumper but that's not serious - front wing looks solid again

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Interior change on PMW

I have not been happy with the look of the Rover "Tomcat" seats I had fitted to the 2000; great for support and safety but really didn't go with the looks of the car.

So a couple of weeks ago I cleaned up a complete set of cloth seats from a later car which had head restraints so offered greater safety and were more in keeping but I wasn't quite sure about the colour. The original interior was tan but these seats are brown although nicely faded!

Below are two pictures so you can judge for yourself but actually I think it all looks just fine. The first picture shows one of the Rover seats still in and the second the view with all the seats now fitted.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Nothing for weeks and then two posts in an afternoon!

So, with the North Yorkshire Triumph Weekend behind me its time for other car related stuff to happen.

After all, it's a good antidote to work!

I have found myself contemplating selling my Rover SD1 in order to buy another classic that shouldn't need alot of work, how good would it be to just have a car I could turn the key on and take out?

Still, while I ponder that and the fact that I have no spare cash what to do?

I know, I have bought stuff for the 2000 which I haven't fitted yet. So, why not have a go at a job described as marginally less painfull than sticking pins in your eyeballs? The doorseal on the N/S/F was completely shot so I bought a replacement seal some time ago and spent a happy (not) 2 1/2 hours yesterday fitting it.

I know Triumph didn't make huge amounts of money back in the day but if they had worked at my level of competence the losses would have been huge! Oh well, managed it in the end with the help of WD40 and lots of patience.

Then today I had another bit of inspiration. I had fitted a pair of Rover seats as I didn't like the safety implications of whip lash with low back original seats. Over time though I wasn't completely satisfied as they looked out of place so I bought a full set of later 2000 seats in cloth trim with headrests.

Things is though they are brown rather than tan so I wasn't sure how they would look. Can't be as bad as the grey Rover seats though. I got them out from the loft and gave them a good clean and actually as they have faded over the years they look OK in the car. Got the rear seat in this weekend and the fronts will go in next weekend.

30 minutes in and learning!
That's more like it
Coming up nicely - the cloth seats ready to go in the car

North Yorks Triumph Weekend

A couple of weekends ago I attended the North Yorkshire Triumph weekend again at Runswick Bay - the weather was amazing and combined with excellent company it was certainly a great weekend.
Now that's what I call great weather

The weather was that good I left the hood down overnight - here's the view from my tent early morning

Monday, May 05, 2014

7 & 2000

With the clutch problem on the 2000 I decided to walk away from it for a while but I need a car for the North Yorkshire Triumph Weekend coming up soon.

Also Club Triumph Pendle and Pennine area are organising a 2 day tour on August 2nd and 3rd  called the Border Raiders (you can probably tell who is on the organising team LOL). Deana will join me on this event if we use the TR7 so it's UNJ's turn again.

After last year's European run I have pretty much sorted everything so I put it in for it's MOT last Friday. It needed some work doing on the brakes due to brake imbalance across the axles which I asked the Vicarage Car Company to do for me and with that it passed.

What I hadn't got round to doing was fit an electric fan after the second viscous coupling I have had on the car failed so driving it for any distance was still a nervous experience.

Anyway I used UNJ to go to the Pendle and Pennine meeting Friday night which was fine as it's only 2 miles away but then later we went on a 10 mile run driven in an enthusiastic manner. I began to wonder whether this was wise in a car rhat had just passed it's MOT having not been on the road for 7 months and without a fan fitted!

It was fine really and I have now fitted and wired in an electric fan. I always find it satisfying when having fitted it the fan cuts in just when you would want it to and cuts off again after a sensible time. Then with a bit of general tidying UNJ is back ready to put some more miles on it - I hope I don't have problems again like last year on the NYTW.

Meanwhile, over the weekend I have spotted a stain under the 2000 suspiciously close to the clutch slave cylinder and sure enough, there's no clutch fluid in the master cylinder. Looks like a new slave sylinder wouldn't go amiss and then I can see if the 2000's clutch problems are solved.

Outside the Old Stone Trough having done 2 miles after it's MOT

The photoshoot on our run out


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Engine's great, clutch not so!

An update on PMW.

After 100 miles I have changed the oil and filter, retorqued the head and set the tappets.

The rebuilt engine sounds lovely.

I do have another problem though, it's getting more and more difficult to select gears.When I do have gears the car can stall even with the clutch depressed - in this situation in first for example the car will continue to move slowly forward and then stall.

Similarly, I can have a problem getting reverse when the engine is running.

I have tried a number of things such as making sure all the pipework is tight and also bleeding the clutch hydraulic system but it's not helping.

It has been suggested to me that if the push rod and clutch link arm(not sure if that's the right term) are 90 degrees or less in relation to each other that indicates that it's very likely the taper pin has broken.

Judge for yourself!