Saturday, November 08, 2014

Into Overdrive - then!

Last week I had fitted a new overdrive gearlever wiring harness but the overdrive didn't work  :-(

This week I patiently worked through the wiring with my digital analyser as most overdrive probelms are electrical.

First check - power to the switch - yes.

OK - now time to dismantle the gearlever gaiter so I could get to the top of the gearbox.

That allowed me to check if there was  power from the switch. Yes.

OK good so far. I could see wiring to the inhibitor but that wouldn't be easy to get to and I didn't feel like pulling the connectors off to check if power was there as it wouldn't be easy to get them back on.

No matter - I could check if there was power reaching the solenoid with the the ignition on and the car in 3rd or 4th by jacking the car up and getting it on to axle stands.

This accomplished when I got under the car I saw the earth lead to the solenoid wasn't connected. Putting that back on and then checking the power said everything should be OK.

Whilst under the car I noticed the clutch slave cylinder connection was weeping as was the sump plug so I tightened them up a tad. Note this for later reference.

With the car back on the ground I carefully reassembled the gear lever gaiter and associated trim, even replacing a missing clip and screw.

So, the moment of truth - would the overdrive work?

Out on a test drive and I can report yes it does - hurragh!

Which is just as well because the clutch failed but I managed to jam it in third and switch between third and overdrive third to limp back home.

The 2000 is now back under the car port in shame until next weekend. I think I will take a long hard look at the whole clutch hydraulics again and see if I can sort that one out next.

I am absolutely convinced there's a great car lurking behind all this grief and I'll get to it eventually.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Just a little bit more

So this weekend I fitted a new overdrive gearlever wiring harness.

The old one was completely shot at the gearknob end and I had bought a replacement some time ago but other things had got in the way - like getting the car to run, sort out a propshaft with a UJ that went AWOL and also clutch problems!

Anyway, I wondered how the fitting of the replacement would go and started off with taping the new one to the old and pulling through. That didn't work either way (from top or bottom) as there was too much of an obstruction.

So, with a sinking heart I pulled the old harness out completely. Now if I couldn't get the new one to co-operate there wouldn't be another one to guide it - gulp.

It wasn't a problem though and it went in from the bottom and up the gear lever shaft no problem. Then with unusual patience from me I refitted all the trim etc and went out on a test run.

No joy I am afraid as using the switch had no effect at all. I pulled over and found a blown fuse which I replaced but still no joy so I think I'll have to get my electric circuit tester out next week.

Meanwhile the car ran well apart from after about 15 miles it started to hesitate again - hmmm.  When it is running though I am using more of the revs, up to 4500 now and my goodness it sounds great with a real howl from the exhaust.

I also found out the heater doesn't work  which is no problem for the 10CR next September but is no good for use in the UK over winter.

So jobs to do now are
  1. Get the overdrive working
  2. See why the car is starting to hesitate again.
  3. Fix the heater (maybe the control isn't attached so that's where I'll start)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Follow up bits and pieces

After last week's efforts I ordered up some bits and pieces from Chris Witor.

Carb float chamber gasket, manifold bridging piece and second hand clock
So, just tidying up really. I replaced the big washer we put on last week as a temporary fixing for the manifolds with the correct bridging piece.

Then the front carb float chamber gasket had split so the 45p replacement fixed that!

Meanwhile, whilst on Chris's site I spotted a second hand working clock so bought that too. I have now fitted that and the car has a complete working PI dashboard as a result :-)

Replacement plugs will be with me from Chris in a few days.

I took the car another 8 mile test run on my favourite circuit of local roads and all seems well.

Next week I'll replace the overdrive wiring harness in the gearlever as it's well past it's best and then hopefully I'll ahve a working overdrive again.

If nothing goes wrong (!!!) I will suddenly have a fully functional 2000 2 years or more since I took it off the road.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Many little things

PMW hasn't been running anything like right as people reading this blog will know.

Well today two very nice chaps came over to help out and here they are

Andy Flexney and Paul Darbyshire working on PMW

So the guys came over and first started with cleaning up the plugs, regapping them and dismantling the carbs.  The carbs needed balancing and a general clean but otherwise were in good shape. The connection on the coil lead was a bit loose so that was tightened up and then out for a test run.

Better but still hesitating.

On investigation the plug lead to number 1 was actually broken so we replaced that with a second hand one and then fitted a shorter king lead which made sure there could be no arcing to the battery retaining clamp as we had found before.

Another test run found a slight improvement but still not right. On checking the plugs again and swapping them one by one for others we found number 6 to be very black and sooty - now why should only one be like that?

Maybe there was a problem with a valve so we decided to check all the tappet clearnaces and reset them. There were one or two rather loose but none on cylinder number 6 so that couldn't have been it.

Then the guys spotted there wasn't a nut holding the inlet manifold on towards the rear of the engine.This was because a "bridging piece" had always been missing. I had ordered another second hand one (they are made of unobtanium) so we decided to fit it but then I couldn't find it.

OK so I found a large thick washer which could do the job so we used this whilst making sure all the other fixings were in place and bolted up correctly. This in itself meant taking the carbs off and took about an hour. During all this it was noted that the carb linkage and cable wasn't allowing full throttle so some "fettling" was done on this too.

Final test drive of the day was much better with only a slight possible bit of hesitation. Now it's a case of putting some more miles on the rebuilt engine as it has still only done about 150 miles and see how we go before further fine tuning.

I have to say it sounds relaly smooth now and picks up well with a gorgeous sound to it as it revs.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

2000 miles

Last weekend I acted as a marshall for Club Triumph's Round Britain Run at Tebay Services - it's always a pleasure to do this as there is such a buzz as 100 plus cars and there crews come in, have their roadbooks signed, take part in lots of banter and then before I know it they are all on their way again.

The welcoming sign for the crews
Meanwhile, my 2000 has returned from Vicarage Motor Company with it's new propshaft and the differential bushes fitted. Less than 10 miles later I can say that the vibration has all gone but the car isn't running right although it is running! Next weekend myself and 2 friends are planning a fettling session on it so hopefully there'll be some progress to report next time.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Over to someone else!

PMW is now with the Vicarage Motor Company in Barnoldswick for them to work on.

I have saved up a bit of dosh plus the proceeds from the sale of the Rover SD1 and other bits and pieces on ebay means I can actually pay someone else to work on one of my cars.

So it should come back with the propshaft sorted, new mounting bushes for the diff and maybe they can take a look at it's running issues too.

Mind you when it was towed away it really made me wince listening to the propshaft banging away - apologies to anyone on Skipton Road, Barnoldswick stuck behind a 2000 being towed very very slowly!

Not only that mind you but I have splashed out on what are apparently the bees knees (would have used another expression which I will leave you to guess at) of rotor arms - the "red ones" from the Distributor Doctor

That's plural by the way as in two, not that I have twin distributors on the car but I decided to make damned sure this component is sorted once and for all.

It's all very important because a year from now I will be using the car on Club Triumph's 10 Countries Run.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Testing 2000

 I have been having all sorts of problems getting PMW to run anything like right, so much so that I need a recovery truck to get me home recently.

The engine was easy enough to turn when I assembled it and it starts easily so I don't think there's an issue there.

I have checked the timing out but whilst trying to adjust it I kept getting shocks off the dizzy cap so I put an old one on. Then I put the old coil on.

Then I realised that the clamp bolt had been really too easily undone - it was probably too loose and the timing had slipped.

So, re set it to 8 BTDC and went for a run.

Not bad, didn't want to tick over but picked up well and also pulled all the way up to 4500 RPM no problems - then "tinkle" and a massive vibration.

Still had drive though so cautiously got home having done only 5 miles and it's obvious a propshaft UJ has gone AWOL

The engine running issues have now moved down the priority list.

Next will be to remove the propshaft and get that sorted. Whilst the car is up on stands/ramps I'll also fit new diff mounting bushes I bought some time ago. I bet that will be fun!

This car is really beginning to test me now