Monday, February 28, 2005

Nothing on TV

That's right, nothing on TV so half an hour in the garage has seen one end sawn off my spare rear bumper.

All in the quest to save some weight from the car - crude but effective as the plastic cover hides the gap in between the ends.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Non TR7 weekend (nearly)

I was thinking about working on a sumpguard for the 7 this weekend but there hasn't been the time, or the inclination!

I did start the car and get it warmed up, move it about a bit to keep the clutch free etc. I have also done some checking and from two sources now I have suspension information on the works cars.
Checking the rideheight on mine I have bang on the right height for the Manx tarmac spec at the rear but the front is a massive 1.75" lower!!!!

Further investigation will be needed when the car is back on the road - S&S have promised a free check over just in case my lack of mechanical skills has struck again.

Meanwhile, had a great night out at my wife's linedance social night - I don't dance (unless it's in a TR7) but a great night's music, a couple of drinks and super atmosphere always go down well.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Nasty corrosion in the strut

Mind you, it was worth getting S&S to put the inserts in. Look what they found! All that corrosion is not a pretty sight - amazing what I have been driving round on. So that's all been replaced too along with the ball joints. That's just about every suspension component on the car now. Next project - the brakes! Posted by Hello

Low and mean

Low and mean. That's not quite how I intended it - I wanted the front to be standard ride height to keep decent ground clearance for one thing but it does look mean and should be great for tarmac events. Posted by Hello

Anti dive kit That's the aluminium blocks where the anti roll bar mounts up to the front subframe. Getting that all lined up wasn't easy either! The theory is that this stiffens the front of the car under braking and stops the nose diving into the tarmac! Posted by Hello

Anti roll bar fun. It's not easy getting the anti-roll bar located - here I am using ratchet straps to pull the bar into the the TCA link Posted by Hello

New front suspension. Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 12, 2005

This is the amazing difference between the new 240lb spring on the left and the old 95lb spring on the right. Supposedly the new spring should still give the same ride height but I will wait to be convinced! Posted by Hello

Spring clamps on the strut now it's all off the car. Then it's just a bit more hassle taking it apart. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the insert out and don't have a special tool for this so I'll drop it off at S&S and ask them to fit the inserts. Posted by Hello

This is how it looked on the car - the top gaiter is split and the bump stop, or what's left of it, is just visible Posted by Hello

The front off side strut removed.
The caliper is held up with a canle ties and you can see the axles stands - safety is always important. Posted by Hello

All the new front suspension components - new uprated 240lb springs, KYB inserts, all new gaiters, bumpstop and anti-dive kit. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Stoneleigh Triumph Show

Great show on Sunday.

Picked up a load of new front suspension parts ordered from S&S.

This time it's a pair of specially ordered 240lbs front springs, new KYB strut inserts, along with all the gaiters and a new bump stop. Only one bump stop as the plan is to cut it in half and fit half to each side in order to increase suspension travel - cunning or what?

That lot cost me £190!!!!!

I will start fitting it all this weekend.

One bonus as well - Club Triumph were awarded "best stand" at the show too :-)