Saturday, February 26, 2011

Will I make the Pendle & Pennine Meeting?

The ball joint has been pressed out and new one fitted by Bryce with apparently no problems. I'll be picking it up tomorrow but I still keep working on a Triumph every weekend if I can.

I had thought about putting some time in on UNJ but then thought about wiring up the relays on PMW so that the headlight switch doesn't burn out on the HCR.

So that's what today's efforts were about - maybe an hour's work and then just do a bit on UNJ I thought.

I had wired up a new fuse box to feed the relays but the source I had chosen to feed this was from the starter motor connections - the wrong one of course so there was no power. Getting at these connections is not the easiest thing in the world but I did manage to swap the wiring over and at last had power to the fuse box.

At the same time though, I carefully made sure the main battery cable to the starter motor was secured away from the steering column (which it wasn't before) and then cable tied my power feed cables for the fuse box safely out of the way too.

Next was mounting a relay and supplying it with power from the now working fusebox and supplying it with an earth lead which I paced on the earth side of the offside horn.

Now, for the rest of wiring - it is possible to hack into the wiring loom and link power from the light switch to the relay and then abck from there to the loom where it was broked into so as to supply the lights. Someone on the 2000 register forum suggested something different though and although he seems a bit of a lone voice on this one I agree with him. Why not connect into the connector at the lamps to supply the feeds atc and then put the supply back again - that way there's no hacking into the loom and it could be put back standard with no harm done.

So, off with the grill to get at the back of the headlamps and disconnect the wiring. OK this looks do-able but I also then notice that there's some rust proofing needed in this area too!

Hmm - enough for today though I think.

Best part of 3 hours work and not even one relay wired up. Nothing done on UNJ either of course.

So, will I make the Pendle and Pennine meeting? Well I will but points are at stake and I'll sacrifice 2 if I don't go in a Triumph and as it stands none of them are on the road!

I need to just put the wires back on the offside headlamps even if I don't get a relay wired up for Friday night and I need to get that track arm back on. All of this should be achievable but then again?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ZOO Spartans!

A trip down memory lane today.

As it happens I was working in Loughborough this afternoon and that's where I went to University from 1978 to 1980.

A favourite chipshop for us students was the "300 Spartans" but because of the font we always called it the "Zoo Spartans". Well at the end of the day I needed to eat something before travelling to Stoke so I had to see if it was still there didn't I?

And itwas! The fish chips and peas eaten in my car were a real nostalgia trip and then, and then, whilst driving away I had Tom Robinson on the car stereo - great stuff!

There you go

If any of you guys from Elvin Richards Hall back then happen to be reading this I am sure you will smile too.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bushing on

Sorry about the title!

Here's the traditional way of helping on the process of removing a bush from suspension components; in this case the inner bush from the front nearside track control arm on the 2000.The assembly has been removed so that the ball joint can be replaced. As always PMW reminded me that it is a 42 year old car and doesn't like being messed about with! There were certainly times during this afternoon's activity that I was close to saying enough!

Given that I have persevered though I hope to get someone with a press to remove the old ball joint and the remains of the burnt rubber bush too - Bryce, are you reading this?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a shock!

Yes, quite a shock to see BRP out from under the car port! It has moved under it's own steam so I can get PMW in to place for work on those rear shock absorbersThe next shock of course, as seen last week was the rear offside shock absorber snapped off and waving in the wind. At least it wasn't too difficult to remove this one.

Here's the "new" shock absorbers. Actually they are a pair of used but good Spax given to me some time ago and destined for the convertible - that will get new KYBs in good time. Menahwile, only one of them had an adjuster that worked - ho hum, better than what was there before!

I had to open out the washers to fit these but other than that the fitting went just fine.Here's the proof, one fitted to replace the snapped offside one. The nearside was in one piece but absorbing it was not!

Whilst at it I adjusted up the rear brakes, greased the handbrake cables and then took PMW for a run round the "test track" - much better but that ball joint is next week's task.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Fire up BRP!

Yes, here are pictures of a full engine bay with an engine that runs!
Last week was "the click of death" and as I said I needed to check the earthleads and starter motor connections. Well I cleaned the starter motor connections and then moved on to an earth lead next to the battery.

This seemed a bit small though and then I noticed the large earth lead dangling in the engine bay - ah ha! That was quickly bolted on to the engine and BRP fired up after a few sessions of turning over.

Success but by 'eck there was alot of smoke and quite a bit of a rattle.

The smoke and the rattle died away and then thanks to Kevin who checked the carbs and timing BRP actually ran relatively smoothly on tickover at about 1000RPM. Then it was time for a quick run down our street and all was well, the clutch hadn't even stuck.

Thanks Kevin for sticking with it for the last year!

Now though I still have to make a decision as to which car to use on the HCR on April 2nd/3rd. There's only 4 weekends I can work on cars before then really and BRP needs an MOT and taxing along with what might be called "recommissioning". Allied to this with a reconditioned cylinder head that needs looking after for the first few hundred miles makes me wonder.

Meanwhile, PMW has an MOT, is taxed and has now proved reliable (if not without a few difficulties!). This car needs a pair of rear shock absorbers (already have a spare pair of Spax and just bought all the bushes), a ball joint (bought this week but I bet the job will be a pig) and relays for the headlights (all the gear bought, just needs doing).

There is a lingering concern about a "rumble" that might be propshaft or driveshaft UJ issues but then again all those suspension problems can't have helped driveline smoothness!

I think I'll be fitting the Spax next weekend to PMW and see how we go from there but it's looking to me that PMW will be the car for the HCR.