Saturday, February 12, 2011

What a shock!

Yes, quite a shock to see BRP out from under the car port! It has moved under it's own steam so I can get PMW in to place for work on those rear shock absorbersThe next shock of course, as seen last week was the rear offside shock absorber snapped off and waving in the wind. At least it wasn't too difficult to remove this one.

Here's the "new" shock absorbers. Actually they are a pair of used but good Spax given to me some time ago and destined for the convertible - that will get new KYBs in good time. Menahwile, only one of them had an adjuster that worked - ho hum, better than what was there before!

I had to open out the washers to fit these but other than that the fitting went just fine.Here's the proof, one fitted to replace the snapped offside one. The nearside was in one piece but absorbing it was not!

Whilst at it I adjusted up the rear brakes, greased the handbrake cables and then took PMW for a run round the "test track" - much better but that ball joint is next week's task.

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