Sunday, January 18, 2015

More light work

So after curing UNJ's light issues (hopefully) time to move on to PMW.

I had replaced the outer dip/main beam headlight sealed beams with halogen conversions some time ago and wired them up with relays etc. I had also relayed the inner main beams too although had left the sealed beams in place to save some money.

Today was the day to fix that. Having bought replacements from Chris Witor it's only a 30 minute job to sort out so off with the grille and swap in the offside one first. Now why won't it work I thought as it refused to light up as did the outer one on main beam - hmm.

Probably a bad earth I thought but cleaning things up didn't make a difference.

OK, systematic approach now and out with the digital tester. Power at the relay but not at the lights so what's going on? I next checked all the connections but there was no power all the way back to "out" of the the relay.

Off side now back in place - old sealed beam on the floor. Electric fan visible in centre.

Doh! A blown fuse, it's always the way it seems, when I try to do things the right way I might as well ahve gone straight to the simple thing first. So I replaced the fuse but then there still wasn't power to the headlight on main beam. Probably due to the wire being disconnected!!  Eventually with everything reconnected it all worked.

Fitting up the nearside didn't take anything like as long and all worked as it should. This is all very important for when we use PMW on Club Triumph's 10 Countries Run in September - a long overnight drive in the middle of the night in the Czech Republic and Croatia will be better with decent lights.

Proof it all works - now PMW has the lights of an 80s car!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Switching to light

Take the panel apart and then take the switch apart!
 For a change I have worked on UNJ today. During a venture sur le continent in 2013 the rear lights on the car stopped working, something helpfully pointed out by the French Police.

I have fixed this a couple of times by taking the light switch apart and using switch cleaner on it but the problem  keeps coming back.

So, thanks to a Christmas present of Rimmer Brothers vouchers I bought a new switch entirely and fitted it today. Mind you it is a bit fiddly to do and the new switch needed to be taken apart before it would fit the hole in the panel. Then it's just a  case of putting it all back together to find that yes all the lights work as they should - at least for now.

New switch back in and all re-assembled