Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Switch panel - pretty cool!

We had a problem on the 10CR when the headlamp switch burn out - we could get sidelights and instrument lights but not the headlamps. Thanks to some ingenious fellow Club Triumph members a temporary solution was found by using a donated switch to operate the headlamps only - this is visible in the first picture, hanging out the front of the switch panel next to the compass!

Clearly this needs to be sorted out and rally regs say we must have air horns operable by both crew members so I have been working on a solution. Work in progress on this can be seen in thesecond picture which will replace the original switch panel.

The long toggle switch for the air horns is on the left and will eventually sit between the original rectangular switches for the hazard lights and rear screen demister.

Then there will be the car compass followed by those three gorgeous LED metal toggle switches for the Cibie driving lamps, sidelights/instrument lights and then the headlamps nearest the driver.

All labelled with authentic "dymo" tape if it's still available.

I am looking forward to seeing all that in place.

Cut out switch

MSA regs for stage rally cars say that there must be an electrical circuit breaker which both crew members can access when strapped in.

OK, but where to put it?

On the dashboard maybe but that seemed to me to be quite a stretch.

Then I had a thought - how about using a centre arm rest? I have a spare one so that's what I have looked at. I have removed the padded top to reveal the steel "lid" below.

I reckon that when I get the car back I will be able to fit the circuit breaker to the top of the "armrest" along with, in due course, the pull switch for the plumbed in extinguisher that will be needed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Work in progress but you can clearly see that it won't be possible to tell the car ever had a sunroof from outside the car whilst from inside the work will be covered by the headlining in due course.

So once painted and with roll cage fitted it will look the part as a rally car

All hands on deck

At the top is the nearside with full repair done looking across the car.
Below is the offside partly repaired. As can be see there is mor work here than originally intended!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Re-roofing and a bit of decking

No, not a home make over programme!

Here's a pic of BRP with the sunroof removed.

The hole is now filled in with a sheet of metal and it looks pretty good - unfortuantely I didn't have my camera with me so I'll get some updates over Xmas.

It looks so much better tho with a full metal roof (as opposed to jacket!) - I really don't think FHCs look right with a sunroof.

Then we move onto the rear"deck" panel behind the rear screen. There's a certain amount of rust evident - trust me, it's much worse than this picture!

Still, progress is being made - excellent work by my brother, Malcolm who will then be painting the car in works colours for me.

It will look absolutely fabulous, darling

Saturday, December 10, 2005

10CR2005 day 1 (as published in Club Triumph's magazine)

Day 1 Thursday September 8th

The car had been loaded the night before so 7am saw me head off to pick up Kevin. By 7.28 Kevin and his various bits and pieces were in the car and we were off!

Kevin and I have done two Round Britain Runs and a continental rally together so we knew we would get on fine, that’s rather important when you are going to spend 5 days thrashing a car all round Europe.

Of course, as we live “up north” near Burnley in Lancashire we had quite an early start to our 10CR. We took a route across to Wetherby on the A1 and pointed the TR south, meeting up with my brother in his Spitfire and my sister and brother in law in their Stag at Grantham. They had already had a torrid time with being held up in traffic near Lowdham and were a little hot and bothered.

Still, all of us made the Plough although the fuel stop at South Mimms wasn’t easy – who designed the road layout there? Are they related to those that designed Turin’s road network and amazingly poor road signs? More of this on day 3!

I have to say that, as the organiser of the event, it was a wonderful sight to see the car park at the Plough full of cars with expectant crews. After signing in and then giving the talk at the driver/crew briefing we set off for the great adventure at 1.30PM.

The trip down to Dover was uneventful and it was a tremendous sight as all the cars lined up at the ferry, complete with “Club Triumph” banner against my TR7 to make sure everyone knew just who we were. I remember walking up and down the lines of cars enjoying the chat and atmosphere and also collecting my 10CR2005 polo shirt – well done Andy MacDonald for organising these.

Then onto the ferry to start the invasion of Europe by Club Triumph. First halt was Steenvoorde services which was the Continental start. Roger Hoogmans and Theo Boonen in their super TR7 Sprint signed on here and received their stickers but the Irish crew of Colm McLoughlin and Damien Leahy reported in that they were delayed.

As organiser I then spoke to them over the phone and arranged to meet at a picnic site south of Cambrai so off we went, advising everyone else not to “faff about” but to get on with the run. Kevin and I were now no longer on either of the routes in the map books – a good start! Upon reaching the picnic site there was no GT6, Colm and Damien were at a service station on a different road. This was only about 10 miles away but there seemed no way of easily meeting up so we agreed to meet south of Reims about midnight. This is the kind of mad adventure that makes the event for me but we didn’t actually catch up with our Irish friends until Saturday morning in Ventimiglia!

Interesting drive from there though as we aimed to get back on route whilst noting the various smells of northern France! Midnight saw us on time, going past the Shell and BP stations south of Reims and waving to the other crews fuelling up. So, all in all, a good start and the event was well underway – see the next Club Torque for day 2 including some fantastic driving in company with the “Yellow Missile” although we sadly missed the incident with the local wildlife!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

More salvage

Just the driver's door removed yesterday from the spares car.

It's in good shape structurally and as a new one is £250+ was worth the effort!

How to get it into the loft area though up a step ladder? Sling it over your back like a sack!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Some progress

My brother has now welded up the "sun roof" with a steel sheet and is moving on to the rear deck repairs.

I should have some photos soon

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Salvage squad

An hour or so's work this afternoon saw me remove two fron hubs and a track control arm from my spares TR7.

All these will be kept as when you start rallying you never know what spares will be needed!

I also want two doors, a rear screen - maybe the engine for the block (same as Sprint).

Some bits will probably go on e-bay in due course to raise a bit of cash for the project.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

View from a window

The view of the road ahead from the navigator's seat of my mate Kevin's Vitesse. Having co-driven for me on the 10CR I have returned the favour buy co-driving for him on Clitheroe and District Motor Club's touring assembly today.

Superb roads in Autumn sunshine!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Development thoughts

The TR7 is now with my brother for bodywork and painting.

Basically it will come back next year with a steel roof (as in, goodbye sunroof), some tidying of a few rusty bits including nearside door bottom and the rear deck.

It will also be in the original works colour scheme so should look great.

I have also ordered a "Whiteline" strutbrace. This is on the recommendation of a knowledgable TR7 mate and it is made by Whiteline engineering in Australia but supplied via Demon Tweeks.

I am currently getting quotes for roll cages and aim to have a cage fitted to by next spring.

A roll cage and a strut brace should stiffen the car up some more as well as being necessary for rallying (the roll cage).

Then I need to sort out the oil leak via the front bearing seal which I am advised can be done "in situ". I could have gone for the Sprint engine but if I can fix the oil leak I would rather keep to my schedule and stick with the TR7 2 litre 8 valve whilst development continues.

Oh, and on the 10CR brake vibrations returned so my mate Kevin will be looking at some more machining of the brake adaptors as he was never entirely happy with them.

Then it's just a case of a fair bit of tidying up wiring and putting in new switches, relays etc.

Not much to do then!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The high spot!

On top of the Stelvio and advertising the local Club Triumph area! Posted by Picasa

On the M20

On M20 on the drive to the ferry - 10CR2005. Thanks to Andy flexney for the photo Posted by Picasa

Thanks Kevin

The rear section of the roll cage has been collected by my 10Cr co-driver Kevin who will be dropping it off for me at Canley Classics - thanks mate!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Back from the 10CR - car developments

Back from the 10CR - still haven't recovered but it was a great event and the car was superb.

The TR7 is now having a well deserved rest and restoration - the bodywork is being fettled and the sun roof replaced with metal. Aftert this is complete it will be painted in works colours as the next stage in it's development towards a rally car.

The engine did develop an oil leak tho so it may be time for the Sprint engine - we'll see.

In the meantime, today I have been taking the roll cage out of the Vitesse as I have sold it (the roll cage) to a 10CR entrant who is building a Vitesse rally car. Plans for my Vitesse are to return it to a "normal" classic car for use in the future.

I have to say that it isn't an easy process getting the cage out tho -I am about half way there but have had enough today. A nap is on the agenda now before going out tonight - sometime tomorrow I will return to the fight with the roll cage!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

10CR - packed and ready

Nearly all there now - not much room left is there?

Follow our adventures on Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The 10CR is getting closer!

Just fiddling about with the car now.

I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to put some fresh brake fluid through the system and especially the front calipers now they have been on a while.

So, off with the wheels, connect up the Easybleed and put 1/2 litre of fresh brake fluid through them.

Whilst at it I noticed the off side wheel bearing had a bit of play in it so I tightened that up too.

Then a quick test drive and there is now a firmer brake padal so there was probably some air in the front calipers.

After that I put the tent in the boot, along with a sleeping bag and the camping gear - not much room left :o

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Good to go!

Replaced the window regulator this afternoon - it's not too bad a job now I have done it 3 times!

Now the TR7 is ready for the 10CR - I even started sorting out the boot with the spares and tools I am taking and the event is nearly three weeks away.

I hope I am not tempting fate.

The future is power!

This is an inlet manifold to fit the Sprint engine I bought and, like that, it's from ebay. It is to mount two Weber or Dellorto sidedraught carbs and cost me £170 - £100 less than if I bought one from Triumphtune/Moss so i am very pleased. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Light relief

Spent 40 minutes this evening actually setting the Cibies up.

Now both are at the right height and on my favourite test route light up the lanes very very well - a real pool of light in front of the car quite some way into the distance.

That should help even more on the night driving on the 10CR (only three weeks away!).

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tidying up

Replaced the "dimmer switch" with a flick switch so that I can knock off the Cibies and just run the main beam on the headlights if I wish.

I have a set of air horns on order too but they should be easy to sort out (famous last words).

Trouble is the battery was too low to start the car after I had been fiddling so that's now on charge.

Other than that a general clean up and tidy up in the car and boot means the car is near enough ready for the 10CR 4 weeks ahead of time!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Control panel

Three hours work today using a spare centre panel. There is another power outlet, one for the CD player and the second for something you can see two pictures down. I also took the opportunity to fit (but not wire up) the FIA electrical cut out switch which is needed for rallying - one more step along the way! Posted by Picasa

Nearside view and wiring

This is how it looks from the passenger side - you can see wiring from one of the sockets taped to the side of the console leading to -- Posted by Picasa


"Replacement" centre armrest. This is where the wiring leads to - a cool box replacing the centre armrest. This will have bacon, milk and cold drinks in it on the 10CR Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 30, 2005

10 Countries Run - last of the bonnet pins

I invented the 10 Countries Run two years ago as a proving run to see if it could be done.

Well, 16 crews entered and we had a superb time driving through 10 countries (no surprise there) and I made some great new friends.

Two years on and the 10Cr2005 is an official Club Triumph event but I am still the organiser. Close of entries is tomorrow so there can only be whatever is in the post now and then that's it. So far 43 cars so maybe we'll make 45 - WOW!

45 Triumphs, 10 Countries over 4 days, 2 overnights, Alpine passes and the Nurburgring - I can't wait!

There's organisation to do for the event and also get the car ready. At least I have finally finished getting the bonnet pins done (I hope).

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Club Triumph Works Car

Club Triumph Works Car - that's my vision and it's getting closer! My TR7 will be inspired by the early works rally cars rather than a direct replica Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 18, 2005

Bonnet pins again

Just back from holiday and I realise it's only 6 weeks to the 10 Countries Run, so I need to work on the car at every opportunity.

So, an hour and a half on the second bonnet pin and I removed the standard bonnet catch - this can get jammed and then you have real problems whereas removing two pins is fairly idiot proof.

About another hour's work should see this sorted then it's on to the window regulator which will be a real pain.

Looking back though on entries after the first 10CR, the Wessex Rally and the RBRR makes me realise the solid progress I am making.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Workalike rear

At the rear of the car we now have rubber hooks just like the works cars - pretty cool! Posted by Picasa

Bonnet Pins

Part of the gradual change to rally spec - this bonnet pin must have taken 4 hours to get right! just the other side to do now Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 27, 2005

Electronic ignition

Back to the 7.

A couple of years ago I got fed up with a persisitent misfire that I couldn't sort out so I took the car to S&S and asked them to solve it. Amongst many things done was a second hand dizzy fitted with new points etc which replaced my dizzy with Aldon Ignitor elctronic ignition fitted.

The misfire went away but we could never be sure if it was the electronic ignition or the dizzy.

Anyway, the car has been running well but over 4300RPM it holds back so I decided to throw the electronic ignition on it tonight and see if that helped. Well, it's a bit of a lash up at the moment but the car certainly seems much smoother and although there is some hesitation still, it seems to be higher up the revs at about 4700 and it's less severe.

So it seems like that's a job well done but I have now experienced something I had forgotten about - when you turn the key to start, the car "dies" before firing up which is very disconcerting!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

My Vitesse

A rare visitor to my blog. I have owned my Vitesse for 11 years. It has been under a car cover on my drive for two years now. I pulled back the cover today, put a battery on it and it started on the first turn of the key!

This car has survived three attempts to sell it and refuses to die!

I really can't see it leaving me now so one day I'll put it back on the road for the RBRR and the 10CR as my TR7 becomes more of an outright rally car.Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

June 19th Autotest

Rebecca - she only learned to drive forward and back on our drive in May. The autotest was her first competition and by the end she was really giving the car some stick - that's my girl!

We both really enjoyed the day and the car was great - 470 miles in two days and competed all day in 25C. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

At the start on "La Carrerra Caledonia"

There we are at the start with the rally plate on the bonnet. It looks really good, just like a works entry from this shot. There's also my daughter, Rebecca, in the navigator's seat studying the maps! Posted by Hello

Somewhere in Scotland on "La Carrerra"

Waiting for the rest to catch up! That's what we were doing but it gave me the chance to take one of only a few pictures.

This shows the kind of scenery and weather we had.

The car was great tho - it felt really solid and strong, plenty of grunt from 2000 RPM and the handling was really sure footed, it never felt unstable all weekend.

The brakes were good but further down the padal than I would have liked and a judder under braking has developed so some investigation will be worthwhile.

I must also check the wipers over and fix the driver's door window regulator - it keeps letting the window slide down!

Still, after this event I am temporarily leading the Club Triumph driver's championship and my daughter has made her debut in the co-driver's championship - she did really well all weekend so I can see a future for her in this.

She has already said she wants to do more of the same

Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ready for La Carrera

I am taking part in a 2 day motoring tour in Scotland this weekend - "la Carrerra Caledonia". Although not competition it will be demanding and a good test for the car before the 10 Countries Run in September.

I have finished off servicing the car, cleaned it but given in and put some tools in the boot! I was going to work on the principle that the car would be fine and the mobile phone would be the best tool if a problem arose but I have put a small selection of tools in there anyway.

Looking forward to the event, especially as it will be my daughter's first - she'll be reading the maps .

Friday, May 27, 2005

New brakes at last

Got the car back from the garage after 5PM on a bank holiday weekend!

They made new brake pipes and then when they swapped the calipers over because some idiot had firtted them to the wrong side they were able to bleed the brakes.

I have only managed 12 miles but they certainly work but the pedal doesn't feel any different. Obviously they need to bed in but the real proof of the pudding is if I can brake hard repeatedly without any brake fade.

There's also alot more brake fluid to be displaced in the calipers now so I would probably nreed to change the master cylinder too - not something I want to do in a hurry.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Fitted the upgraded brakes - good news is the components fit and they are fine with 13" alloy wheels.

Bad news is I have no braking on the front - issues with weeping brakepipes etc.

No time for me to fix it so professional help needed on Monday!

Monday, May 16, 2005

In competition

Competed in an autotest yesterday - came nowhere but thoroughly enjoyed it. As this was a Production Car Autotest it was a team game - the driver and co-driver needed to work well together and we didn't! I could have been quicker if I hadn't enjoyed sliding the car around so much too! Car looks great tho! The sunroof is the only thing that spoils the looks of the car really but that will be gone next year. Posted by Hello

Duct and protect!

An addition to the sumpguard and extremely cheap. Following on from advice on a TR7 forum I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. By using a section cut from an old blue barrel I have closed off an area below and to the front of the radiator. This should duct air into the radiator so helping cooling and also fills a gap between the sumpguard and front valence to give added protection to the rad. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 07, 2005

The bees knees

The bees knees - a shot of the calipers, pads and the disc in the middle. If this set up isn't a major improvement I don't know where to go next! Posted by Hello

A bit tight!

Tight clearance with the caliper against the wheel though - you can just see the bleed nipple and my goodness it's close to the alloy wheel!

it does show that this must be the biggest set up possible and still use a 13" wheel. Posted by Hello

Dry run with the spares car

Dry run - all bolted up to my spares car. I could then make templates for the new brake pipes I will need. This shows the clearances though against the track rod end. Posted by Hello

A bit of a difference!

A bit of a difference! New on the right, pathetic old set up on the left! Posted by Hello