Monday, June 27, 2005

Electronic ignition

Back to the 7.

A couple of years ago I got fed up with a persisitent misfire that I couldn't sort out so I took the car to S&S and asked them to solve it. Amongst many things done was a second hand dizzy fitted with new points etc which replaced my dizzy with Aldon Ignitor elctronic ignition fitted.

The misfire went away but we could never be sure if it was the electronic ignition or the dizzy.

Anyway, the car has been running well but over 4300RPM it holds back so I decided to throw the electronic ignition on it tonight and see if that helped. Well, it's a bit of a lash up at the moment but the car certainly seems much smoother and although there is some hesitation still, it seems to be higher up the revs at about 4700 and it's less severe.

So it seems like that's a job well done but I have now experienced something I had forgotten about - when you turn the key to start, the car "dies" before firing up which is very disconcerting!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

My Vitesse

A rare visitor to my blog. I have owned my Vitesse for 11 years. It has been under a car cover on my drive for two years now. I pulled back the cover today, put a battery on it and it started on the first turn of the key!

This car has survived three attempts to sell it and refuses to die!

I really can't see it leaving me now so one day I'll put it back on the road for the RBRR and the 10CR as my TR7 becomes more of an outright rally car.Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

June 19th Autotest

Rebecca - she only learned to drive forward and back on our drive in May. The autotest was her first competition and by the end she was really giving the car some stick - that's my girl!

We both really enjoyed the day and the car was great - 470 miles in two days and competed all day in 25C. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

At the start on "La Carrerra Caledonia"

There we are at the start with the rally plate on the bonnet. It looks really good, just like a works entry from this shot. There's also my daughter, Rebecca, in the navigator's seat studying the maps! Posted by Hello

Somewhere in Scotland on "La Carrerra"

Waiting for the rest to catch up! That's what we were doing but it gave me the chance to take one of only a few pictures.

This shows the kind of scenery and weather we had.

The car was great tho - it felt really solid and strong, plenty of grunt from 2000 RPM and the handling was really sure footed, it never felt unstable all weekend.

The brakes were good but further down the padal than I would have liked and a judder under braking has developed so some investigation will be worthwhile.

I must also check the wipers over and fix the driver's door window regulator - it keeps letting the window slide down!

Still, after this event I am temporarily leading the Club Triumph driver's championship and my daughter has made her debut in the co-driver's championship - she did really well all weekend so I can see a future for her in this.

She has already said she wants to do more of the same

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ready for La Carrera

I am taking part in a 2 day motoring tour in Scotland this weekend - "la Carrerra Caledonia". Although not competition it will be demanding and a good test for the car before the 10 Countries Run in September.

I have finished off servicing the car, cleaned it but given in and put some tools in the boot! I was going to work on the principle that the car would be fine and the mobile phone would be the best tool if a problem arose but I have put a small selection of tools in there anyway.

Looking forward to the event, especially as it will be my daughter's first - she'll be reading the maps .