Saturday, September 20, 2008

I didn't want to be here!

With the heater pipe problem really the only thing to do was to strip out the dashboard and remove the entire heater.

With the dashboard out of the way it makes fitting the front roll cage easier too so -

3 hours work and the interior of the car is now gutted. This is certainly somewhere I didn't want to go but hey - c'est la vie.

Now I'm here though I reckon I'll be removing yet more sound deadening too - more weight out of the car and less of a fire risk anyway.

But all this was done over at Bryce's where there was his rally car being sprayed in primer, my car being stripped down and his new gold TR7 with new floor pans welded in.

On the way back to my house I spoke to he who remain nameless for a while about the convertable I will be getting hold of shortly. Convertible

So Bryce and I will soon have 4 TR7s between us but how many will be roadworthy and when - that is the question.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Bits and Bobs

"Solved" the heater radiator problem by bypassing it!

Fixed the rear exhaust "bobbin" that was notified on the MOT.

Then moved on to a little job requested by the "navigator" - fixed a pencil holder to the door!

A simple little thing but pencils get lost on the floor of the car which is no use at all when times or route details need noting etc.

Missing something here can really screw up a good result so why fanny about?

Then the second photo shows another recent addition - an "OK" board. Costs nothing really but a necessity for a stage rally car.

All of these little bits and bobs add up to make a competition car!