Saturday, March 21, 2015

We have (electronic) ignition - car confidence level holding at 30%

So today I fitted Aldon Ignitor electronic ignition and I have to say knowing my luck with this car I was mega surprised when it started!

I do still need to time it with my strobe light but it was set "close enough" for an initial trial and the car didn't half hesitate a few times on setting off. After a few hiccups though it completed the 8 mile test run with no further problems and ran really smooth with a good pick up and good levels of power.  Now let's see how long it lasts.

Strangely though I started to notice a new noise develop on acceleration during the run which sounded like maybe a wheel bearing or perhaps the clutch release bearing. When I got back home though I didn't think too much about it and as I was getting out the car I picked up the new MOT certificate the car got this week.
On this was an advisory which caught my eye: "Front prop shaft joint excessive play". Hmmm. This could be the noise I had heard developing.

Looking back in my records though the car had a new front UJ in March last year which failed big time in October so I decided to relace the whole propshaft with a reconditioned one and now the front UJ is showing excessive wear? There's something not right here and the car has only done about 400 miles in a year!!

What about the clutch? Well it's worked now for 16 miles but the fluid is half way down the master cylinder so I am not convinced on this front either.

Maybe 30% is too high a confidence level.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Clutch fixed, engine running fine. Confidence level 30%

Copper washer in place
I have returned to the ungrateful PMW today and fitted a copper washer to the clutch hydraulic pipework at the slave cylinder as advised. Then after refilling and bleeding the hydraulics I took it for a run on my usual route.

I can report that 8 miles were completed with the clutch working correctly and the engine running just fine which is great as far as it goes. I have been "bit" many times before though so I am reserving judgement and at this time would only say I am 30% confident in the car.

Meanwhile, the curious electric fan issue has returned in that it comes on as the car is started, cuts off later and then refuses to cut in when the engine temperature rises and it's needed. It will restart though if I turn the car off and then immediately put the ignition back on.

If and it's a big if, the clutch is now OK then I need to be reassured that the engine problems are resolved. To this end I have bought an Aldon Ignitor electonic ignition kit which should arrive next week. Yes I know there are cheaper kits out there but I have always had good experiences with Aldon's goods so I am taking no chances (or at least as few as possible).

When that is fitted and the engine running is sorted (as well as the clutch problems) I will move on to the overdrive switch, the electric fan problems and at some point the seized heater valve. Higher on the priority list though is an MOT this month as in theory I am using PMW for the North Yorkshire Triumph Weekend although I did day that last year too and couldn't!