Saturday, March 21, 2015

We have (electronic) ignition - car confidence level holding at 30%

So today I fitted Aldon Ignitor electronic ignition and I have to say knowing my luck with this car I was mega surprised when it started!

I do still need to time it with my strobe light but it was set "close enough" for an initial trial and the car didn't half hesitate a few times on setting off. After a few hiccups though it completed the 8 mile test run with no further problems and ran really smooth with a good pick up and good levels of power.  Now let's see how long it lasts.

Strangely though I started to notice a new noise develop on acceleration during the run which sounded like maybe a wheel bearing or perhaps the clutch release bearing. When I got back home though I didn't think too much about it and as I was getting out the car I picked up the new MOT certificate the car got this week.
On this was an advisory which caught my eye: "Front prop shaft joint excessive play". Hmmm. This could be the noise I had heard developing.

Looking back in my records though the car had a new front UJ in March last year which failed big time in October so I decided to relace the whole propshaft with a reconditioned one and now the front UJ is showing excessive wear? There's something not right here and the car has only done about 400 miles in a year!!

What about the clutch? Well it's worked now for 16 miles but the fluid is half way down the master cylinder so I am not convinced on this front either.

Maybe 30% is too high a confidence level.

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