Monday, April 06, 2015

Confidence level up to 40%

Fitting the electronic ignition has made a big difference.

I have now played around with the timing and although it is well retarded according to my strobe light the position I have settled on is giving really good results. The engine revs freely with no hesitation at all and this is over about 30 miles so my confidence level is building.

In addition I have taken some time over fitting the overdrive switch on the gear lever and it seems to be staying put as well as the overdrive working too.

The car is still losing clutch fluid though so it's not all good news and this is despite fitting a copper washer as advised. I think I may well be taking the car to my local friendly garage here in Barnoldswick, Vicarage Car Company and asking them to solve the mysterious loss of brake fluid. When this is solved my confidence level will go up another notch and I will use the car for the North Yoprkshire Triumph weekend in May.

That in itself will be a tester in advance of driving round Europe in the 10CR in September.

Various other tasks remain like fixing the seized heater valve, fitting a new windscreen and maybe even fixing the oil leak on the sump although nonw of these are essential.

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