Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bushes and valves

When PMW got it's MOT there was an advisory that there was some play in the steering rack bushes. As I wanted to move on to sorting out the jammed heater valve which meant ordering a new one it made sense to order some new polybushes for the steering rack from Chris Witor and combine the postage.

Fitting the bushes was surprisingly easy given my usual experience that the rule of 3 applies!

So, with that done I moved on to the seized heater valve which was not so easy. I had to drill out the centre of the valve which took quite some time, slowly going up in drill bit size.
Valve at top left with canble tie behind it. Protection from polythene bag for expected water loss!
So, next I inserted a bolt in to the centre of the valve in the hole drilled and by using washers and an old spanner as a "puller" I was able to remove it.
Next picture shows old and new valves
Finally I inserted the new valve and that should have been that, apart from the fact that I need an actuating lever to amke it all work as it should but it was possible for now to put the valve in place to have it on permanent "hot".

OK, test run time and
  1. There was still no heat from the heater!
  2. The valve popped out spilling hot water into the footwell and over my left foot"
I flushed out the heater matrix as there was plenty of water int he footwell so some more wouldn't do any harm and cleaned the inlet manifoild water outer outlwt but still no joy.

That's enough for this week whilst I ponder my next move.

Meanwhile, the car is running well, the overdrive works and the clutch works so some progress is being made.

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