Saturday, April 11, 2015

Knowing when

The elctronic ignition has made a big difference and although there may be some advantage in further adjustment to the timing the car is running the best it has in a very very long time.

So today I decided to move on to something else.

There has always been an oil leak from the sump plug area and this is also in close proximitiy to the infamous clutch slave cylinder and it's couplings so today I got the car up on axle stands again and worked on both.

Having drained the oil I cleaned the sump plug, got two copper washers for it and applied some liquiid PTFE as advised by a Club Triumph friend, Rob Southern. With this done I put the sump plug back in and refilled with oil.

At the same time I checked the hydraulic hose coupling to the slave cylinder and there still seemed a slight weep here. So I removed the coupling, cleaned and dried it all as well as found a new copper washer that fitted more snugly. Then after applying the liquid PTFE I re-assembled it and bled the system with fresh hydraulic fluid.

Then I drove tthe car for an extended test of 35 miles.

  1. The car never missed a beat with the engine pulling storngly, making gorgeous noises from 3000RPM and the overdrive working too!
  2. The clutch worked fine thorughout and when I got back no hydraulic fluid hasd been lost - result!
  3. From what I can see the oil leak from the sump plug has been fixed.

I was well pleased with all that and I know toquit when I am ahead!

That's enough for this weeknd and maybe the 10CR will be OK after all.

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