Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dry but cold feet

Thanks to Ted Taylor I now have a lever for the heater valve which can be seen in the next photo and then fitted in the one after.

It's obvious to me now though that I am missing a linkage too but at least I can actually move the valve and test driving the car meant that I found out the lever successfully also held the valve in place and I didn't get my feet covered in hot water as before - hence "dry feet".

What doesn't happen though is the heater getting hot - hence "cold but dry feet".

Under the engine bay I disconnected the hoses to the inlet manifold and ran water through them which cleared any residue out as I thought a blockage there might be a problem.

I am currently wondering if I have the heater hoses connected the right way round but can't really see how they could be wrong. I can't find a decent picture of another 2000 in this are though so it's difficult to know.

I will sort it though. In the meantime here's pictures of my heater hoses so if anyone is reading this and thinks they are not connected right please get in touch.

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