Sunday, November 27, 2005

More salvage

Just the driver's door removed yesterday from the spares car.

It's in good shape structurally and as a new one is £250+ was worth the effort!

How to get it into the loft area though up a step ladder? Sling it over your back like a sack!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Some progress

My brother has now welded up the "sun roof" with a steel sheet and is moving on to the rear deck repairs.

I should have some photos soon

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Salvage squad

An hour or so's work this afternoon saw me remove two fron hubs and a track control arm from my spares TR7.

All these will be kept as when you start rallying you never know what spares will be needed!

I also want two doors, a rear screen - maybe the engine for the block (same as Sprint).

Some bits will probably go on e-bay in due course to raise a bit of cash for the project.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

View from a window

The view of the road ahead from the navigator's seat of my mate Kevin's Vitesse. Having co-driven for me on the 10CR I have returned the favour buy co-driving for him on Clitheroe and District Motor Club's touring assembly today.

Superb roads in Autumn sunshine!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Development thoughts

The TR7 is now with my brother for bodywork and painting.

Basically it will come back next year with a steel roof (as in, goodbye sunroof), some tidying of a few rusty bits including nearside door bottom and the rear deck.

It will also be in the original works colour scheme so should look great.

I have also ordered a "Whiteline" strutbrace. This is on the recommendation of a knowledgable TR7 mate and it is made by Whiteline engineering in Australia but supplied via Demon Tweeks.

I am currently getting quotes for roll cages and aim to have a cage fitted to by next spring.

A roll cage and a strut brace should stiffen the car up some more as well as being necessary for rallying (the roll cage).

Then I need to sort out the oil leak via the front bearing seal which I am advised can be done "in situ". I could have gone for the Sprint engine but if I can fix the oil leak I would rather keep to my schedule and stick with the TR7 2 litre 8 valve whilst development continues.

Oh, and on the 10CR brake vibrations returned so my mate Kevin will be looking at some more machining of the brake adaptors as he was never entirely happy with them.

Then it's just a case of a fair bit of tidying up wiring and putting in new switches, relays etc.

Not much to do then!