Saturday, September 17, 2011

Decision made - I think

I have thought when I would next use BRP and really it's quite some time. I would have used it for the CT Autotest but work will get in the way of that and there's nothing else on the horizon that "needs" a competition car so I will take it off the road.

I really like all my cars though, I enjoy driving them all although they are very different in the way they feel.

So, having decided to take BRP off the road I aim to get back to PMW, the 2000 saloon. It's currently in storage without a distributor and had various driveline vibration problems when put away too.

The cheapest route is to replace the distributor, fix the propshaft UJs (if they are the problem) and start driving it again. Thing is though, it seems to have a thing for eating distributors.

Meanwhile, I am trying to track down what work was done to the original engine and it seems to include work on the cylinder head including conversion to run on unleaded. For this reason and the fact that it would be good to re-unite the engine with the car I think I am going to rebuild that one, get a sutiable new (?) distributor and refit it.

After which I can move on to solving the driveline problems and fit an electrically heated windscreen I have ordered.

Meanwhile, today having decided to take BRP off the road I have swapped over the strut brace and one or two other bits to UNJ as it might as well have them ready for next month's CT 3 Counties rally.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Where to? UNJ

Whilst pondering my next move I have returned to UNJ.

Although it drives well it's always had a fair bit of "pinking" so this afternoon I got round to checking out the timing.

It's supposed to be 10btdc but when I checked it was off the marker! Must have been about 14+.

Adjusting isn't so easy due to the amazingly difficult to get at bolts that hold the distributor in but with some perseverance all came good and I reset it to 8degrees btdc eventually (not standard due to lower octane fuel nowadays) and it certainly has improved matters greatly.

Then I moved on to trying to fix the non cancelling indicators but wasn't so succesful - ho hum, another day maybe.

Meanwhile, with the other cars I continue to ponder although it could be the 2000 that gets attention first as I am starting to miss it!

Here's video of us on the Little Devils in BRP where it's certainly possible to hear the engine rattling away!