Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marathon Challenge

I am seriously considering entering one of the Classic Marathons now that the Manx is off the agenda for a few years.

It's not as "full on" as the Manx or stage rallying as such but it is still very much a challenge.

Over 6 or 7 days, only 6 tyres allowed and regs like this

"The competing crew, except for any breakdown assistance the Organisers may provide, must
undertake all servicing. Other than that provided by Rally Officials, ORGANISED SERVICE ASSISTANCE IS EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN. The facilities of roadside garages and service stations may be used providing their services have not been pre-arranged. Competitors are encouraged to help each other, but only using components carried in a competing car or purchased locally."

The entry fee is steep at around £3000 too (gulp) but that does cover all accomodation, food etc etc as well as the rally itself.

With this kind of money though I was concerned about vehicle eligibilty as BRP has been set up for stage rallying. The regs also call for a "standard" car with "normal" colour schemes.

So, I e-mailed the organisers as follows


I have a historic stage rally car - 1977 TR7 16V.

I am looking at entering a Classic Marathon (either 2010 or 2011) and have read the regs for the 2009 event.

I am unsure about my car's eligibility, however.

4.6 says that all cars must be in standard condition, unless individual approval for modifications has been given.

The TR7 was never rallied with the 2 litre 8 valve engine, only with the 16V engine which mine has, consistent with the homologation papers.

Would this be a problem?

Kind regards"

And their reply is

Apologies for the delayed response.
There would be no problem with this.
If you'd like to send me your address I'll make up an information pack for you.

Woohoo .
Woohoo!- I thinkThinking

I will be looking at 2011 and ideally a Marathon that goes to the Alps.

A tough event for the navigator tho and the car would need to be very reliable - not forgetting it's a real challenge for the driver too but I was inspired by the original 1988 Classic Marathon. This could be my new aim.yes

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