Saturday, November 14, 2009

2010 calendar of events

Been planning 2010 campaign so here it is!

April 11th Ilkley Jubilee Run in BRP - a tour and autotest type of event which I will need a driver for. The driver will hopefully be Sarah so that we can keep the team togetherHappy

June 13th Stobs Classic - a series of tests against the clock at Stobs army base near Hawick. If the car has survived Sarah's driving on the Ilkley (she'll give me a good kicking for that) then she may be driving again if she can make it, or then again I may well have to drive again cos I love it so much.

July 4th - Lake District Classic based at Penrith with a series of tests in the surrounding area.

September 4th Yorkshire Revival rally - same format as the lake District Classic but based near York.

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Anonymous said...

No sign of any Belgian rallies. Shame. Dean