Sunday, November 29, 2009

In my garage

Got sorted - brought down an 80s "midi" hi-fi system form the loft and installed it in the garage. With the correct lead I can plug in my MP3 player so that I can have good music through a decent system whilst working on Triumph bits & pieces - good stuff!!

I then found out it has a karaoke option where it's possible to plug in a microphone and sing alongRolling Eyes

Here's the view Meanwhile, down the other end of the garage there's this view of (junk x) spares I have accumulatedThat's 2 Sprint engines, a Sprint overdrive gearbox, 2 "Pony" 4x4 gearboxes and a 1500 FWD short engine (not all visdible).

I sometimes wonder why I can't get a car in my garageRolling Eyes

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