Friday, November 27, 2009

Moving on to timing

After some discussion with a CT Sprint guru (you know who you are CS) I have bought a new timing chain kit and a crankshaft sprocket.

This will all go together with a vernier cam sprocket I have and then the cam will be timed in to the spec for a Triumph Tune "Sprint" cam along with all the valve clearances being shimmed up correctly.

The aim of all this is to improve reliability whilst upping performance. All very brave for a man of my limited talents.

Today has seen me remove the radiator, alternator and lots and lots of bolts on the front timing cover which is all well and good until I came up on the cranks shaft pulley nut and washer.

Of course, the engine rotates when you try to undo it so I waited for Bryce to pop over and we had a go at removing it with me locking the engine via a big screwdriver in the ring gear and him wielding a large bar and socket.

No dice so we stopped before we broke something!

Next up is Bryce bringing over an air wrench so that we can "shock" the nut loose.

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