Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's worse than I thought

It's worse than I thought

Here is what the Blue Book says

Epilepsy is incompatible with fitness to Race, Kart, Kart Endurance, Kart Tyro,
Rallycross or Stage Rally. If a person with epilepsy has not had a fit or
medication to prevent or control fits for a period of ten years they may present
that case to the MSA’s Medical Consultant for consideration. For other events a
person with epilepsy may be considered for a competition licence providing
they can show that they have not had a fit for five years whether on or off

A translation after having spoken to the MSA is that I cannot have a stage rally licence and hence can't drive on a stage rally unless I have had not seizures for 10 years without medication.

As I said to them - so that means never really

I can get a competition licence for other events after being seizure free for 5 years even on medication.

So, where from here?

Well there's no way I am selling BRP so it looks like back to stage rallying with me co-driving and reading the pace notes for Sarah in BRP. Manx rally 2015 then

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