Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I feel like an adventure!

Yes, I can feel the need for a foreign trip coming on.

Nothing organised - just a silly trip in a Triumph (or 2) to somewhere.

Like maybe Gibraltar or a bit further like TangiersThinking

But then again there are a few places I have been now with a Triumph that would be good to visit again - like the Stelvio, or Furka, but obviously I need to drive through Vitry le Francois and Bar sur Aube.

I have always wanted to visit Rome too.

Or what about Route 66?

A few things to ponder over - May/June 2010 should be a decent time to aim for. What better way to celebrate getting my driving licence back than taling a TR7 on a daft driving adventure?

Watch out playmates - I'll be on the phone. You know who you areHi-ya!

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