Saturday, August 08, 2009

What have I been up to?

Last weekend - Woodvale Show with Club Triumph friends.

First day a bit quiet, then a good overnight camping on site with Paul Darbyshire (thanks for the lift too!), Steve Thompson, Andy & Julie Heeley complete with BBQ, fire basket and a few drinks.

The second day was busier with some great model planes flying too - an amazing Vulcan and 3 Lancasters carrying out a Dam Buster raid.

Then last night, the Pendle & Pennine meeting whenn the usual suspects were messing about with potatoes! See picture
Today - a bit of cleaning up of the DHC and painting the mountings of the sun visors. A small touch but makes a big difference as, after all, this will be a road car.

You can try and guess which the bits are from the photo!

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