Saturday, May 26, 2007

A hard day's night

Now I know what Ringo meant - hard work on BRP when I should be relaxing at the weekend but it was worth it.

Must have been 5 hours work on the car today but I have completed a service and fitted the sumpguard and ducting I made for the radiator. Tomorrow ace tuner Steve will be working his magic on the carbs etc.

In addition I have swapped the wheels over so that I have Michelins back on for La Carrera and re- fitted the driver's competition seat. All of this isn't visible in the pics although she does look great.

And finally I have taken the alternator off my spares car to keep in the boot for La Carrera - no idea if it's OK but after the RBRR experience I might as well have the option of fitting it if I have trouble (or loaning it someone else).

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