Sunday, May 27, 2007

I love it!

Yes, tuner Steve has made a big difference to BRP.

Setting up the carbs again has resulted in a huge improvement.

But it's not just there - taking it on the usual test track, yes it revs to 6000RPM easily and pulls really well but the suspension feels taut, the tyres grip well and fitting the driver's competition seat has made an amazing difference too.

The seat is higher and it holds the driver in place so well that control of the car seems so much more emphatic. Even the driver's shoulders are braced well and then the steering wheel falls to hand at just the right point. Combined with a good view of the road ahead and instant repsonse from throttle and steering inputs means it's a joy to drive.

The potential of the car just gets better and beeter.

Let's hope I don't regret any of that on La Carrera- What I really need is lots of cracking driving roads to learn what the car can do before going onto full on rallying.


client said...

and just how did you get that high-angle shot, may I ask?

Raider said...

Standing on a wall !