Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So far so good

What do you do when you have been away from home on business, finally get back at 8.45PM having driven 365 miles?

Well you take your TR7 16V out for a test run obviously!

Just 8 miles on the "test track" for now but oil pressures 40PSI+, temperature gauge never over 1/4, volts up and the fuel gauge working again.

The suspension feels fine and the brakes are OK - I don't want to push my luck too far tho as the wheels on tha car at the moment have 12 year old Pirellis on at the back and a set of Barum (of all things) on the front.

But what about the engine? Well it shows every sign of one that needs tuning - dieing at junctions, hesitating etc and blowing by the exhaust manifold (so new gasket needed) but, but,

It revs to 6000 and you can just feel it has lots to offer.

So, all in all - nicely does it and we should be on the right track

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