Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sprint power at last

200 miles in BRP today down to the Triumph event at Crich tramway museum.

Keeping to a maximum 4500 revs the car was just fine - by 'eck it's got some go now.

Fettling is needed of course but La Carrera here we come.

I should point out I was in the company of messrs Flexney and Darbyshire all day, including joining them for a meal in a curry house in Morley to finish off.

Great day chaps, thanks for the bacon rolls, the cornish pastie and Old Speckled Hen at lunchtime was good too. Sounds like a gastronimic event doesn't it?

Still, the said gents got up to some antics on a tram and here is the evidence.

Flying the flag or hanging the banner for Club Triumph in Crich, Derbyshire not Vienna, Austria!

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