Saturday, May 19, 2007

Goodbye old friend

This is "my"Vitesse being loaded onto a trailer to go to it's new home.

It was my first Triumph and has given me lots of pleasure and experiences over the years. If it wasn't for this car I wouldn't have joined Club Triumph and made lots of new friends.

I have also done 2 Round Britain Runs in it and it has taken me to Germany and back for a trip round the Nurburgring.

Buying a TR7 tho and then re-awakening my rallying plans meant that the Vitesse has had to go.

Stuart, the guy that has bought it tho knows his Triumphs so I am sure it will be saved and I look forward to seeing it again in the years to come.

Meanwhile, back to the TR7 and those exhaust manifold bolts - patience has finally paid off as it is bolted up as it should be and there's no blowing by the manifold so it sounds much better. A quick run this morning was great although the dawdler in a Golf suddenly speeded up when I overtook her - 4500RPM in top was what I had to get up to to get past.

I have also replaced the "emergency" fan belt fitted on the RBRR and the next job will be a carb gasket which should result in much better running. I can then ask Steve to come back and set up the carbs again and look forward to more perfromance again.

Enjoying the TR7 with Sprint power will help me get over missing the Vitesse.

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