Saturday, September 30, 2006

What a slide hammer is for

Thanks to S&S who loaned me their slide hammer as mine still hasn't arrived.

Two minutes and the brass cage came out the block - that's it on the right. It's not true that a poor workman blames his tools - withou the correct tool some jobs just can't be done.

So, now the water pump has been replaced and I ahve been out for a test drive.

The oil pipe came off the back of the new oil presure gauge so oil was pumped into the driver's footwell Finger over the end stopped it until I could pull over and take the tee piece off so I could just fit the oil pressure switch Still, the gauge showed 40PSI cold until then

The electric fan cuts in OK but there's an oil leak I need to sort out - it may be the hydraulic pipe from the slave cylinder wearing through the oil filter

Oh and the engine revs too high and rattles a fair bit

Apart from that it should be just fine

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