Friday, September 15, 2006

End day 1 - close of play

OK - everything packed away for the night.

Tomorrow should see the engine out pretty quickly.

Then I'll be cleaning up the engine bay and painting up a few scruffy areas.

After that it's a question of splitting the gearbox from the TR7 engine, swapping bits over as necessary to the Sprint engine, bolting up the gearbox to it and then putting the whole assembly back in the car.

That will then leave Sunday to get everything connected up and then the moment of truth - firing it up (hopefully!).

I wonder what progress will have been made by close of play in day 2?

1 comment:

Alastair Soutar-Branson said...

looking like everything is going to someform of plan Raider.
Hope everything has gone ok today look forward to reading the enevitable instruction manual for the tr7 to sprint engine conversion. Hope your taking notes!

good luck and keep smiling .