Monday, September 18, 2006

Sprint power day 4 - return of the Stud!

So, day 4 and it's a marathon not a sprint - get it? Oh well, it's the best attempt at humour I can manage right now.

Still, I started off determined to do things right so I went in search of stud removers or "easy outs". It took 3 motor factors before I got the little rascals.

Back at base I drilled, blow torched and used the "easy outs" but still that damned stud wouldn't budge. By now I was reckoning that there's plenty of other fixings on the inlet manifold so stuff it!

Moving on - my mate Tim Bancroft had advsied me to fit an oil pressure gauge to see how this unknown engine was. Fair enough and those nice chaps at S&S had sold me a second hand Racetech combined oil pressure/oil temperature gauge so I next tackled fitting this. The temp side of it was always going to be left off for the moment but I persevered with the oil pressure side and found out a T piece and new pipe I had bought about a year ago.

Much time was spent fitting this, drilling holes in the bulkhead for the pipe etc only to find the pipe had the wrong fittings. Oh great, another good idea that had turned into a timewaster.

By now it was time to take a short lunch break.

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