Monday, September 18, 2006

End of play day 4

End of day 4 and it's all wired up, oil's in it, the new electric fan is fitted, water's in (but needs checking once it'a run a bit) and time to fire it up!

Only, it won't - it'll turn over but no sign of it firing up.

Having given 4 days of my life to this I couldn't face trying to sort it out so that's it for a while.

No doubt I will return to the fight in a couple of days or so but for now, I know when it's time to take a break.

Concerns - the water pump looks dodgy but we couldn't get the cover off so we left it. I may well pay for that.

There's a bolt on the exhaust manifold that just turns rather than tighten so there'll probably be some blowing by that.

The damned broken bolt in the inlet manifold is a recipe for air leaks.

The carbs are the infamous waxstat type.

It still won't run.

In addition there's far too many "bodges" for my liking.

The pluses - it really looks the business! It turns over so we must have got the wiring right to some extent!

It has really been brought home to me what great friends I have - thanks for their help to Jon Ranwell, Dave Marshall, Andrew Rapson (and his dad!), Paul Darbyshire and several others who ahve helped with advice over the Club Triumph forum.

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