Sunday, September 17, 2006

End of play day 3 or "The Stud"

I managed to fit an oil filter and then fill the engine with oil - at least it didn't run straight out the bottom of the engine!

Finally, last action of the day was to try to remove that stud. Here it is, surrounded by it's well of blu-tack holding WD40 in place. Did this co-operate? What do you think!

A blow torch and mole grips wouldn't shift it so by using my Dremel we filed 2 flats onto it so that we could get a 6mm spanner on.

No, it wouldn't move then either! So, it's still there in another WD40 bath.

Let's see what tomorrow, the fourth and final full day on this will bring.

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Jason said...

Martin - I've always found welding a nut or bolt into or onto a broken stud works wonders - you're wleding has to be good bu mainly it's the heat that does the job of breaking the seal. With you're I'd try drilling a hole in it and welding in a smaller bolt - clearance issues might preclude this but it's gotta be worth a try - if you don't have one I'm sure someone nearby has a Mig welder. If not, a blow lamp will put some heat in it and a small Stilson pipe wrench should get it out.