Monday, July 10, 2006

Why oh why?

As in why oh why do I start something else when the car was OK anyway?

Nevermind, another hour and a half tonight sees the drivers seat in for a trial fit. OMG!! I am only average size but my head is nearly hitting the roof!

Apart from that you certainly feel alot more secure and in control with the comp seats.

Now more patience is needed really whilst I fine tune the seating. I thnk the driver's seat mounts will go to the passenger side as they are of a different make and allow more adjustment rearwards (I want the co-driver sitting as far back as possible to leave me with as much vision as possible and room for arm twirling!).

Then the mountings currently in the passenger side will go to the driver's side (following this?) and I will aim to mount the seats in the lowest position possible. All of this for someone 5'8" for goodness sake - there'll be no chance of anyone taller driving the car anyway!

Meanwhile, remember the brake disk assembly? It's now been machined up and I aim to collect it from Kevin in a couple of days.

So, 3 weeks to go to the Pendle and Pennine meeting followed by an entry in a road rally and I have no brakes and no seats - situation normal really.

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