Friday, July 21, 2006

Those seats again

I now have both seats one bolt hole lower and have clearance again - but not much!

I was curious tho as to how much higher than the standard seats these comp seats are so I measured them. 940mm from seat cushion to roof (Comp seats) and then, by reference to my spare TR7 I found the standard seat had a measurement of --- yes, 940mm.

Now how does that work? Then I realised that the standard seats have reclining backs and they are pretty much always back at an angle. Think about it, if you bring the seat back up/forward your head goes up.

So, if I now raise the front mounting up then the seats will pivot at the rear (where your body is) and your head will come down a bit!

But no, I am not going to try it out for a while yet as I have had enough of faffing about with these flippin seats!

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