Saturday, July 15, 2006

Big head

With a helmet there's even more of a clearance problem as you can see.

I will definitely have to move the seat down one
slot and see what happens then.

It's even worse on the co-driver's side as when I sit there the helmet is jammed against the roof!

One solution is for my daughter Rebecca to be the permanent co-driver as at 5'1" there's no problem at all!

I have driven the car a bit more tho (sans helmet) and the driving position is superb - with much better forward vision and a feeling of being in control.

Unfortunately the brake judder isn't really any better so more thought needed on that too.

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Malcolm said...

I've got the same problem with headroom wearing a proper helmet in my track car. If you don't have Neil Sawyer's email I can give it to you. He has lowered the floor on his rally replica - a common modification apparently and not as bad a job as it sounds like! I may have to do the same...