Sunday, July 09, 2006

Comp seats go in

Having been inspired by Steve's cars I decided to fit the competition seats I bought.

The thing that stopped me up to now though was that I have no budget left and couldn't afford the harnesses which will be hung off the roll cage I also can't afford yet!

However, I had thought that using the standard seatbelts would be a problem because as you can see here, they are bolted to the seat frame.

Upon reflection though I can't see why I can't mount the seat belts to the comp seats and their mounts in the same way.

So, here's fitting the seat mounts having removed the standard passenger seat. Thankfully, they bolt up to the original mounting points which must be a good thing rather than drilling holes through the floor for nuts and bolts.

Next up is to fit the seats incorporating the seat belt mountings.

This is what it looks like - not bad really!

The thing is though, it has taken me 3 hours to get this far!

Unfortunately, it's not as straight forward as I would have liked so more patience and perseverance is required yet.

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