Saturday, January 24, 2009

So what next?

That's the question and I am giving it much thought.

I think there's the short and the long term to think about.

In the short term it's about getting an event done as soon as is sensible. One in February can't work really as I am on holiday and March is rather hectic in both the Randle & Johnson household so the earliest is end of March and probably more likely April.

That gives Sarah time to gain knowledge which she is doing at a rapid rate.

It has also turned my thoughts to organisation - what spares do I have for example. So this afternoon I have started sorting through bits and bobs which lead me to another conclusion - using cheap plastic containers seemed a good idea but I don't think they'll stand up to being thrown in and out of a service van.

So I am going to revert to an idea I last used on the 2003 10CR which nearly got me into trouble in another border incident - ex British army ammunition boxes! Very solid obviously and can stand man handling but when they have "HE MortarBombs" stencilled on them can also raise an eyebrow or two!

Anyway, the one I have is now filled with some "touring spares" - alternator, hoses, plugs etc etc but I will be buying a few more yet.

Talking of service vans we'll need one and a crew too - more to think about.

That leads me on to another thing but bear with me.

Medium to long term I want to build up a complete new/reconditioned engine ideally with the aim of putting my mind at ease with regard to reliability. I know the car is fine now with regard to the safety side of things and am confident about the suspension/transmission (as well as I can be anyway) so the engine is moving to the top of my list.

In the boot of my Audi, therefore, are two Sprint heads which I will be taking over to S&S Preps where I'll either exchange one or use one for them to build up a reconditioned head for me. I'll have some further discussion about the spec but to be honest I reckon a well set up standard head will probably be just fine.

Not to forget the brakes - what I have are fine but don't meet the Historic spec so I'll have to sort that out too for 2010.

In the meantime though, I reckon the engine I have will be OK to be going on with so I'll use that and then swap the reconditioned head over along with new timing chain and tensioner etc.

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