Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mad keen

So am I mad, keen or mad keen?

I pondered over this question as I worked on BRP for an hour tonight under my carport.

Just an hour focussed on the navigator's side of the cockpit. Amazing how an hour can be taken up by basically just tidying up - fixing a bracing bar for the dashboard, using good old cable ties to restrain all the new wiring and taking off the navigator's footbrace to re-position it slightly nearer to the seat.

Then there was closing off the grommet where the wiring for the cut out switch had passed through the bulkhead with some "dum dum" putty - all important for the scrutineer.

At the end of it all much tidier and very satisfying really. Next I'll move to the driver's side for some similar work and then finish off the extinguisher pipework as some extra pipe has arrived from Demon Tweeks. Once that's all done and the pipework, wiring all tidied I'll clean the car inside and out (!) before ringing the MSA scrutineer to book it in for it's rally car log book - wish me luck!

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